Binance Launches Futures NEXT: Predict and Win with Token Listings

This platform lets users predict future Binance Futures listings for rewards, leveraging their market insight.

Futures NEXT is not just another addition to the Binance ecosystem. It represents a significant leap forward in democratizing the process of token listings.

Predict Listings, Earn Rewards with Futures NEXT

Binance empowers its community by letting users nominate and vote for tokens, aligning the platform with their interests and trends. This approach boosts user engagement and connection with Binance.

Binance rewards accurate predictions and collects data on top tokens through community engagement. This could lead to more strategic and community-driven listings in the future, further solidifying Binance’s position as a leading crypto exchange.

Here’s how it works. Participants nominate their preferred tokens for listing on the platform. Nominations are pooled for community voting on potential Binance Futures tokens. Users with accurate predictions earn rewards, making trading more competitive and exciting.

How to Get Started with Futures NEXT

If you’re keen on leveraging your market insights and adding an extra layer of excitement to your trading experience, here’s how to get started with Futures NEXT.

  • Log in to Your Binance Futures Account:  The first step is to ensure you have access to a Binance Futures account. If you haven’t set up an account yet, you’ll need to create one. Make sure to complete any verification requirements to activate your account fully.
  • Access Future NEXT: Once your Binance Futures account is up and running, you can access Futures NEXT directly from the Binance platform.
  • Make Predictions with “Picks” or Nominate a New Token: “Picks” are your predictions based on your analysis or belief in which tokens have the potential to be listed on Binance Futures.
  • Earn Rewards for Successful Predictions: For every successful prediction you make, you’ll be rewarded. Binance rewards community insights with USDT Bonus and Fee Rebate Vouchers. So, these rewards can enhance your trading experience by providing additional resources or reducing costs associated with trading.


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