Metamask & Ledger Nano X: Seamless Bluetooth Integration

This move by Ledger allows more convenient crypto management without needing a USB connection.

Users should update Metamask Mobile to v7.17+ for a secure Ledger Nano X connection.

Update to Metamask v7.17+ for Bluetooth Security

The Ledger Nano X is known for its security, safely storing private keys offline to protect against online threats. With the introduction of Bluetooth connectivity, Ledger is taking a step further in merging security with ease of use. Users can now manage assets and transact from smartphones, showcasing digital age mobility.

However, it’s important to note that, currently, this integration supports only one account. This means that users who manage multiple accounts through their Ledger Nano X will have to select a primary account for mobile access. Ledger plans to add multi-account support, showing its commitment to enhancing device flexibility for users.

The update to Metamask Mobile v7.17 or higher is crucial for users looking to take advantage of this new feature. Users are encouraged to complete this update to enjoy a secure experience.

More About Metamask

Metamask has announced a groundbreaking partnership with RevolutApp, significantly simplifying the web3 onboarding process for millions of users through the integration of Revolut Ramp. This collaboration makes it easier than ever for both new and existing Revolut customers in the UK and most of the EEA to engage with web3 directly within MetaMask’s mobile app, browser extension, or on MetaMask Portfolio.

With support for over 20 tokens on the Ethereum mainnet, this integration not only broadens access to digital assets but also enhances the overall user experience, marking a significant step forward in making web3 more accessible and user-friendly.

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