Hivemapper Maps 15% of Global Roads in 14 Months

This milestone highlights how community projects can use technology to impact global data, transforming navigation and our world understanding.

Hivemapper utilizes global user-contributed dashcam footage to collect and share road data.

Global Community Powers Road Mapping Revolution

This method quickly gathers extensive data, outpacing traditional mapping updates. The project thrives by engaging a wide range of participants, from drivers to commuters, towards a shared goal.

The significance of mapping 15% of the global road network extends beyond the sheer scale of the achievement. It signifies a move to dynamic, current maps that adjust in real time to road changes and traffic. This level of detail and timeliness can dramatically improve navigation and logistics planning, benefiting countless industries and end-users.

Moreover, Hivemapper’s progress is a testament to the potential of blockchain technology and the gig economy in creating value through collective action. Hivemapper rewards contributors with tokens, encouraging quality and extensive coverage to keep the map updated. This model exemplifies how decentralized projects can mobilize global communities toward achieving ambitious objectives.

More About Hivemapper

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