Judge Rules Craig Wright Is Not Satoshi Nakamoto

COPA sued Wright to prevent him from suing crypto developers and figures over Bitcoin’s technology claims.

The ruling aimed to protect the crypto community from such intellectual property lawsuits.

Court Halts Wright’s Crypto Lawsuits

The court’s ruling is a key moment in the saga of Satoshi Nakamoto’s identity and the legal disputes affecting the crypto community. Wright’s assertions have been a point of contention for years, leading to widespread debate and legal challenges. COPA sued Wright to safeguard Bitcoin’s open-source technology, a core principle since its start.

During the month-long trial, the evidence against Wright’s claims was described by the judge as “overwhelming.” This evidence led to a clear verdict: Wright did not author the Bitcoin whitepaper, nor did he create the Bitcoin system. This ruling discredits Wright’s claims and strengthens the collaborative, decentralized ethos of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

The judge plans to detail his conclusions in a written ruling, offering more insight into the case and trial evidence. This document is expected to be a key reference for future debates and legal cases about Bitcoin’s creation and its open-source protection.

More on the Craig Wright Trial

The crypto community widely approves the ruling, seeing it as a win for transparency, collaboration, and innovation. It also serves as a deterrent to others who might seek to claim ownership over decentralized technologies through legal means.

In conclusion, the judge’s ruling against Craig Wright not only clarifies the longstanding question of Satoshi Nakamoto’s identity but also reaffirms the open-source, community-driven nature of Bitcoin


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