Top 5 Crypto News: 02/17

After entering into uncharted territory and making new daily highs, Bitcoin is now trading at $52,043. Meanwhile, the second-largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum, is trading close to $1,831.

Let’s find out some interesting crypto news for today.

Syntropy Integrated With Polkadot To Simplify and Uplift Critical Blockchain Infrastructure

Syntropy announced the launch of an integration with Polkadot to build blockchain infrastructure. As per the tweet, this integration provides a lot of innovative benefits for the DOT community. Moreover, Syntropy will simplify the complex node creation process through its automation tools. Impressively, with Syntropy, the non-technical members of the Polkadot community can become validators and existing validators can streamline their operations and reduce risk. Additionally, Syntropy will provide high-level encrypted security through its WireGuard tunnels to validators. In addition, it also provides a smart-routing system that assures reliable communication among nodes during congestion, outages, and censorship.

WatchSignals | Chainlink Partnership To Launch Luxury Watch Data on Blockchain

WatchSignals partnered with Chainlink to bring luxury watch data onto the blockchain. Moreover, WatchSignals is a service provided by Zapevo, which is a data-driven platform for luxury goods and services. This partnership will help the luxury watch market data to monetize the vast collection. Additionally, it will also provide an additional guarantee to WatchSignals users by signing the data cryptographically on the blockchain. Furthermore, it expands new opportunities for developers to develop new financial products on blockchains for luxury watches. In addition, this results in tokenizing collectible watches and using them as collateral for a loan or creating derivatives markets.

PAID Network Partners With VAIOT to Form New Strategic DeLa (Decentralized Law) Alliance

PAID Network announced a new strategic DeLa (Decentralized Law) Alliance with
VAIOT that unites them in their mission to redefine how people do business with one another. Moreover, VAIOT has an innovative team that empowers legal agreements through its AI and blockchain technology. As per Christoph Surgowt (CEO of VAIOT), the team has plans to encourage this Alliance by inviting more organizations from inside and outside the crypto world. Additionally, PAID will explore VAIOT’s AI-powered virtual voice assistant, and VAIOT will try out PAID Network products. Collectively, they work to explore new products and features to manage quality and innovation.

Autonio | Partnership To Integrate Smart Trading Tools for Users

Autonio partnered with to empower its users with smart trading tools. According to the tweet, will integrate NIOX Maker and NIOX Swarm into their platform to bring liquidity mining campaigns. Moreover, the NIOX Maker has an inbuilt user interface that boosts liquidity and empowers users to tackle intelligent automated trading infrastructure. On the other hand, NIOX Swarm reduces the risk of manipulative practices and improves matching efficiency in the market for liquidity. Additionally, these features help users to become liquidity providers and further increase the volume on

Oasis Labs Tapped Google Cloud Partnership To Integrate GCPs Confidential Virtual Machines

Last on our list of crypto news for the day is Oasis Labs partnering with Google Cloud to bring their confidential computing product to Oasis Parcel. Moreover, Oasis Labs builds end-to-end software solutions that help businesses to manage and control their data in a private and secure way. With this partnership, the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) provides data privacy technology to their customers and expands support for new use cases. The Parcel is used by many companies, such as Nebula Genomics, which is a modern genetic testing company that provides strong privacy and guarantees about an individual’s genomic data. Hence, GCPs Confidential VMs will encrypt the confidential genomic data which enhances customers’ privacy.

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