Bitcoin is holding the line around 57k. Ethereum is trading for 4200 dollars. Meanwhile, the Fear & Greed Index signals Neutral sentiment in the crypto market. 

Here is your Top Crypto News for the day.

1) OTC Portal and ATH

The exchange’s OTC Portal is live. For now, the portal is accessible to Institutional and VIP clients only.

What are the Benefits?

  • OTC allows large-volume trades at pre-approved prices. 
  • Lower fees and no slippage for transactions.
  • Instant and custom quotes on block trades.

The OTC portal offers:

  • $BTC
  • $ETH
  • $ADA
  • $XRP
  • and $SOL 

In the meantime, USDT & USDC pairs are available under OTC.

Meanwhile, $CRO the native token of reached an All-Time high of 79 cents. And currently, $CRO has a market cap of 18.8 billion dollars.


2) NUNET is sold out in 90 Seconds

Singularity DAO has concluded its debut sale NUNET. And NUNET raised around 2 million dollars in 90 seconds.  

NUNET is the Decentralized Computing project of Singularity NET.

Singularity is the first De-Fi project that leverages AI and machine learning.  And it aims to enhance De-Fi accessibility for its users.     

About Singularity DAO

Singularity DAO’s main product is Dyna Sets. Dyna Sets are Dynamically adjusted baskets of tokens. Above all, Dyna Sets are completely permission-less too. 

$SDAO is the native token of Singularity DAO. The token is trading around 2 dollars at the time of writing. $SDAO tokens are available on KuCoin and

“NUNET is going to revolutionize the provision of computing resources to the global AI network”

              – Dr. Ben, CEO of Singularity NET 

3) PARSIQ Partners with Clear Pool

PARSIQ has partnered with Clear Pool. PARSIQ is a blockchain monitoring and automation platform. Meanwhile, Clear Pool is a decentralized capital market ecosystem. 

What to Expect from the Partnership

  • Clear Pool will integrate PARSIQ’s blockchain monitoring tools. 
  • PARSIQ will provide instant notifications for Clear Pool users. These notify users of any critical activity like changes in the borrower pool ratio. 

$PRQ is the native token of PARSIQ. And $PRQ token is trading around 76 cents at the time of writing. At the moment, 135 million tokens are under circulation with a supply cap of 310 million. And you can buy $PRQ token on and KuCoin.


Right now, $CPOOL is the native token of the Clear Pool network. And $CPOOL has a market cap of 64 million dollars with 39 million $CPOOL under circulation. $CPOOL is available on KuCoin and And the token is trading near 1.6 dollars with a trading volume of 3.4 million dollars.

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