Freelancers can Now Enjoy Benefits on Electroneum.

Electroneum, the first mobile cryptocurrency in the world, has rolled out a zero-fee offer for users of AnyTask, its freelancing platform. The move is going to benefit all freelancers and small businesses registered with it.

According to reports, the Electroneum offer eliminates the extra charge of 5% levied on all purchases made on the AnyTask platform.

“For the first time ever, there is a freelance marketplace that does not require sellers of digital tasks to have a bank account and does not charge fees to those offering their skills in the global digital economy,” said Richard Ells, the founder and CEO of Electroneum.

AnyTask is arguably the world’s fairest freelance platform as it grants free access to sellers of tasks. According to the release, Electroneum commended the sellers for demonstrating wonderful digital skills on the platform. It also claimed that tasks on their platform were considerably less expensive than on any other online marketplace.

Offer during Covid-19

The worldwide Covid-19 pandemic has led to a near-total lockdown of activities in so many countries. In this backdrop, this offer from Electroneum is a welcome one. The company stated that the offer would remain valid until the pandemic was under control.

The Electroneum CEO also revealed their plan to provide people who were working from home with a way to supplement their income amid the global health crisis.

Ells went on to point out that businesses and individuals that work with freelancers now had the opportunity to procure top-quality digital tasks at very low prices. Additionally, the entities could also help unemployed people without a bank account, or who were disabled.

Electroneum recently won City AM’s Sustainability and Social Impact Crypto Award. It received the recognition for its dedication towards aiding people in developing countries.

About Electroneum and AnyTask

Ells and his team had launched Electroneum in November 2007. It functions as a mobile digital payment cryptocurrency. The platform reportedly helps people around the world pay for goods and services, both in-store and online. With over a billion unbanked people, with no means of digital payment, the UK-based Electroneum offers ease in making payments.

Incidentally, Electroneum (ETN) has been the first cryptocurrency to collaborate directly with a major mobile network operator. Additionally, they work with NGOs who receive benefits in ETN Rewards to support their charitable initiatives.

In February, Electroneum launched their freelancing platform, AnyTask. Its mission has been to help the multitude of unbanked people to join the growing digital economy in developing regions of the world. Since its inception, over 160,000 have signed onto the platform.


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