Jobs in the crypto and blockchain space have been on the rise over the last few years. In recent months many blockchain startups have been making moves to hire top talent away from the tech and banking industries. Ripple has been no exception. This week, the news came out that a key player at Google is joining Ripple to help with the product development of RippleNet.

According to Reuters, Ripple has convinced a key player at Google to leave the tech giant and enter the world of blockchain. Amir Sarhangi will be leaving the tech industry behemoth Google for a new position at Ripple.

Sarhangi will be the new vice president of products and will focus on the development and management of RippleNet. RippleNet connects banks and payment providers to provide one frictionless experience for sending and receiving money globally. A big part of RippleNet is the token XRP. Therefore, new developments of RippleNet can also help of the adoption of XRP.

Before making the switch to Ripple, Sarhangi founded Jibe Mobile where he led the development of a messaging system that is regarded as the successor to SMS texting. After joining Google, Sarhangi’s experience was used to build out Jibe Mobile to an SMS messaging service called RCS (rich communication system). RCS has seen slow a very slow adoption, because it is not available on the widely popular iPhone and only available in a limited fashion on Samsung’s Galaxy.

Ripple also had some good news about XRP. The coin will now be listed on Yobit:


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