NFT News | Ethereum Up NFTs Not So Much | July Week 2

As we kick off another week in July, Bitcoin and Ethereum’s erratic price swings continue to enthrall investors. Bitcoin takes the stage with a confident stride while Ethereum also paints a vibrant picture, surging to new local heights at just over $2,1078.

So, the scene is set, and these digital behemoths are the center of attention. Will they maintain their upward trend, or will unexpected turns shape this week’s NFT market drama? Let’s plunge into the NFT Market and investigate the options!

1) A Steady Week For NFT Trade Volume

The NFT market was consistent this week, maintaining a total trading volume of just under  $85 million, holding steady from the previous week. While the market continues to face challenges and obstacles, there was no noticeable decrease in trading activity. 

A Steady Week For NFT Trade Volume

However, It is crucial to remember that a stable trading volume does not necessarily designate traders becoming more interested or involved. On the contrary, it could be that the bottom is in, and the participants that remain are trading among themselves. It has been a while since new money has come in, and volume is being passed between collections and chains.

1) A Steady Week For NFT Trade Volume
Source: Dune
2) Holders Are Holding Amidst The Mixed Circumstances

NFTs continue to witness intriguing shifts in various aspects. It is evident that the NFT market goes on experiencing a mix of both positive and negative developments. On the one hand, the number of NFT holders continues to rise, reaching an impressive 4,580,186, indicating a tiny increase of 0.24%.

However, there has been a considerable decline in active NFT traders, with a fall of 19.42%, accompanied by a significant decrease of 23.50% in the number of sellers. Moreover, the count of buyers also saw a decline of 14.24%. These figures suggest a shift in the market dynamics, potentially signifying a temporary downturn.

2) Holders Are Holding  Amidst The Mixed Circumstances
Source: Global NFT Market Overview | NFTGo
3)  NFT OpenSea Trading – Positive rise in Unique Active Wallet Transaction

The current week he experienced notable changes in key metrics of OpenSea. The total count of unique active wallets engaged in transactions witnessed a positive growth of 4.01%, totaling 11.07k. This rise indicates a reversal of the declining trend seen in the previous week. However, the number of transactions on the platform experienced a slight decrease of 0.14%, settling at 20.36k. Similarly, the trade volume dropped 3.62%, amounting to $2.92 million.

On the bright side, the smart contract balance increased by 0.29% to $67.83k, showcasing a steady increment in the funds held within smart contracts on the OpenSea platform.

3)  NFT OpenSea Trading - Positive rise in Unique Active Wallet Transaction
Source: OpenSea | DappRadar
4) Slight Dip In Blur Activity 

The market data for this week show that the Blur market is still in ebb and flow. In stark contrast to the previous week, the market encountered a considerable decline in several crucial indicators, signaling a shifting landscape. The total count of unique active wallets dwindled to 13.35k, plummeting by 16.45%. Consequently, the number of transactions experienced a significant downturn of 16%, totaling 42.77k, reflecting a decreased market engagement.

Trade volume also suffered a notable setback, plummeting by 33.24% to $121.51M, indicating decreased market liquidity. While the smart contract balance declined slightly by 0.99% to $115.01M, its overall impact remained relatively stable. These fluctuations emphasize the dynamic nature of the Blur market, underscoring the need for adaptability and strategic decision-making in the face of evolving trends.

4) Slight Dip In Blur Activity
Source: Blur | DappRadar
5) Solana NFTs

This week, Solana NFTs witnessed a significant decline in various crucial parameters. The total count of unique active wallets experienced a sharp drop of 16.45%, reaching 13.35k. Moreover, the number of transactions decreased by 16%, totaling 42.77k. The trade volume hit substantially, plummeting by 33.24% to $121.51 million. The smart contract balance dipped slightly by 0.99%, reaching $115.01 million. Unfortunately, this week’s report paints a picture of diminishing activity and reduced investor interest in Solana NFTs.

5) Solana NFT

6) Polygon NFTs 

Over the past week, the dynamic landscape of the Polygon NFT market has witnessed several intriguing transformations across various platforms.  Polygon NFTs on OpenSea continue to impress.

The statistics show this week was a winning game for OpenSea. The average price of NFTs on OpenSea experienced a substantial surge, climbing by an astounding 31.71% to reach $21.94. This notable increase in average price indicates growing demand and value appreciation for NFTs on the platform. Moreover, OpenSea attracted a larger audience of traders, with the number of participants rising by 10.66% to an impressive count of 12,827. Additionally, OpenSea witnessed commendable growth in trading volume, which soared by 25.94% to reach $436.24k, stating the platform’s growing popularity for Polygon NFTs.

However, the rest of the Polygon Market places saw declines. Faces Challenges. The average price of NFTs on experienced a slight decline of 2.56%, settling at $29.44. Furthermore, the number of traders on showed a notable decrease, declining by 34.14% to 54 traders, indicating a temporary dip in participation and market activity. Additionally, the platform experienced a considerable drop in trading volume, which decreased by 29.38% to a total of $13.72k, suggesting a temporary slowdown in the platform’s transactional momentum.

OKX NFT Marketplace Faces Headwinds. The OKX NFT Marketplace encountered challenges this week. The average price of NFTs on the platform experienced a dip of 5.02%, settling at $3.85. The number of traders witnessed a remarkable increase, rising 106.39% to 3,678 traders. However, trading volume declined by 51.66%, reaching $5.39k, indicating a temporary slowdown in transactional activity within the platform.

6) Polygon NFTs
Source: Polygon | DappRadar
7) Quick News Round-Up
  1. Get Protocol Raises $45 Million to Revolutionize Ticketing Industry with NFTs.
  • Get Protocol, a blockchain-based ticketing platform, has successfully secured $45 million in funding to disrupt the ticketing industry by leveraging non-fungible tokens (NFTs).
  • Get Protocol uses NFTs to combat ticket fraud, scalping, and counterfeiting, boosting transparency and security for event organizers and ticket buyers. 

2. CryptoPunk DJ Signs with WME and Plans Music Releases

  • A CryptoPunk DJ, known by his seed phrase, has signed with talent agency WME.
  • The artist intends to release music in the near future, combining the worlds of cryptocurrency and music.

3. Notorious B.I.G. Iconic Photo Auctioned as Ethereum NFT

  • An iconic photograph of the late rapper Notorious B.I.G., taken by Barron Claiborne, is being auctioned as a non-fungible token (NFT) on Ethereum.
  • The NFT auction, hosted by the auction house Sotheby’s, allows fans to bid on the digital representation of the famous image, capturing the opportunity to own a unique piece of hip-hop history.

4. Binance Labs Invests $15 Million in Crypto Game Publisher Xterio

  • Binance Labs, the investment arm of Binance, has made a $15 million investment in Xterio, a crypto game publisher.
  • This investment aims to support Xterio’s development and growth in the crypto gaming industry.

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