Top NFT Collections to get into now

The world of NFTs is constantly evolving, and new and exciting collections exist to explore. If you want to get in on the action, this article will put forward three exceptional NFT collections currently making waves in the market.

These collections provide a glimpse into the seemingly endless potential of blockchain technology, ranging from breathtaking digital artwork to collections that have utilities and tooling at their core. As we present the greatest NFT collections to buy now, where innovation and creativity blend in engaging ways, get ready to be astounded.

1) Blocksmithlabs NFT collection

Compared to other projects Blocksmith Labs really stands out. Resgraded as an OG collection it has seen an exceptional increase in both price and volume. It first went on the market on March 24, 2022, at a mint price of 2.2 SOL. Currently 45 SOL this is over 50% off from its all time high of 107 SOL.

Source: Hyperspace

Blocksmith Labs is an innovative blockchain project comprising a collection of 4,444 NFTs called Smyths. It was created in early February 2022 by a group of seasoned engineers driven by their passion for community building and development.

The NFT collection has captivated the attention of enthusiasts and investors alike, driving the floor price on Magic Eden to an impressive 57.50 SOL. This remarkable achievement got further bolstered by the substantial total volume of just over 233k SOL. As the bear market reveals the true value of speculative NFTs, Blocksmith Labs emerges as a shining example of a project that consistently delivers meaningful benefits to its holders, solidifying its position as a formidable player in the NFT landscape.

Blocksmith Labs Roadmap

Blocksmith Labs is paving the way for a promising future in the Web3 domain. Their vision calls for creating ground-breaking multi-chain goods. Infused with innovative technologies like ML/AI, demonstrates their continuous commitment to innovation. Blocksmith Labs, a leading brand, recognizes the value of community. And through their second NFT collection called Meegos, events, and other projects, they work to build a vibrant community of Web3 fans. Blocksmith Labs expects to see rapid growth and is looking to expand its team with great individuals who believe in the advantages of decentralized technology.

As evidence of their commitment, the team has made Mercury. It is a tool for NFT collection creators to handle the whitelisting process. Mercury offers a range of features that make it an efficient tool for managing whitelist roles on Discord. It offers users clear visibility of the projects they are whitelisted on, providing peace of mind.

Concurrently, it enables projects to track the number of genuine users who have whitelisted their projects and facilitates the quick and easy exportation of user whitelist addresses. Over 15 projects and 20,000 registered users have joined Mercury in the first three weeks since the alpha version’s release.

In addition, they have launched staking for holders of their NFTs. The staking mechanism will enable holders of the NFTs to stake their assets through the staking feature and receive $FORGE tokens in return. Users will be free to purchase direct whitelist places from any project that joins the Mercury platform using $FORGE tokens at first. All projects joining Mercury must provide several whitelist places for Blocksmith Labs. Further details about additional utilities for $FORGE tokens are expected to get disclosed.

They also plan to enhance Solfolio, a portfolio analyzing tool, offering to stake as a service and sales/listing bots as a service. The roadmap includes releasing a community map tool and forming BlocksmithDAO to support builders in the Solana ecosystem by allocating a portion of our royalties. They aim to fund, develop, incubate, and provide consulting services to community members’ projects, ensuring mutual benefits.


Source: Blocksmithlab

Team Behind Blocksmith Lab

Blocksmith Labs boasts a dynamic team of innovative minds shaping the future of the blockchain space. AlexBSLCo, the Co-CEO, combines a decade of experience in product development with a deep understanding of the Solana ecosystem, spearheading marketing efforts to attract new customers. Harmy, also a Co-CEO, utilizes years of software design expertise to focus on customer retention and satisfaction. He showcases his expertise through groundbreaking projects like Solfolio and NFT Floor Alerts.

Team Behind BlocksmithLab
Source: Blocksmithlabs

Mert, an advisor with a rich background in Coinbase and Polyweave, lends invaluable guidance and strategic direction. Next comes Gee2Kay as the COO. Blocksmith Labs benefits from its extensive operations management background, ensuring smooth day-to-day operations. And lastly, Wozgun, the CTO, brings their innovative spirit and extensive knowledge of Web3 to lead the development of Blocksmith Labs’ cutting-edge tech infrastructure. This dynamic team drives the company’s success and revolutionizes the blockchain landscape—new heights.

Blocksmith Lab’s Utility

For NFT holders, Blocksmith Labs offers several useful services. Owners of Blocksmith Labs NFTs have access to the ecosystem’s native token, $FORGE, which can be used to buy Mercury whitelist spaces. Additionally, NFT holders unlock the pro version of Solfolio, granting them free access to sales/listing bots for seamless community management. Tradable lands further enhance the utility, enabling NFT-based transactions exclusively with $FORGE. The project’s commitment to evolving utilities ensures a constant demand for the NFTs while fostering an invaluable community of accomplished creators and experts in the Discord channels.

2) Stoned Ape Crew NFT Collection

Stoned Ape Crew, the pioneers of the Web3 cannabis realm, have established themselves as the alpha in their domain. With a passion for digital art, technology, and all things creative, these laid-back apes have made Puff Valley their haven. With an initial supply of 4200 and over 150 captivating traits, the Stoned Ape brand, its captivating story, and the mighty $PUFF token form the foundation of its vibrant ecosystem.

Stoned Ape Crew

Source: Asia Crypto Today

With the current price sitting at 14 SOL and an all-time high of 90 SOL per NFT this is a collection that should be on your radar.

Stoned Ape Crew
Source: Moonly
Stoned Ape Crew Roadmap

Stoned Apes will expand its collection to represent different nationalities worldwide, embracing diversity. The upcoming animated NFTs will include Indonesian and Arab-themed apes. A space-themed ape collection will also provide holders with new and valuable assets.

Drops for Apes with Special Roles will receive exclusive drops, incentivizing holders to upgrade their Chimpions and increase their $PUFF earnings. Hence, this privilege offers unique benefits to dedicated community members.

In Addition, Stoned Ape’s decentralized autonomous organization, empowers community members to propose and vote on projects. More funds will get allocated to the DAO to support promising initiatives.

With Current Project Proposals, Business Apes holders propound purchasing more apes to boost profits for the platform’s liquidity pool. Farming Apes holders propose collaborations with weed growers and dispensaries. Artist Ape holders aim to support 1/1 artists and expand collaborations with musicians and DJs.

Stoned Ape Team

The core team comprises all originate from Europe. Two artists and three developers possess extensive experience. The two artists have worked with renowned companies like Volkswagen and Axel Springer. Meanwhile, the three developers boast a collective track record. With over three years in the cryptocurrency sector, they have successfully executed numerous large-scale projects.

Specifically, they were instrumental in developing the largest anonymized COVID registration app within their respective countries. With a repertoire of skills and resources at their disposal, this project possesses the ideal foundation to flourish and evolve into a substantial NFT venture.

Stoned Ape Team:

Stoned Ape Team:
Source: Stoned Ape Crew

Some of the core team members are as follows:

  • MSF is the lead developer for the Stoned Ape Crew (SAC), emphasizing his “Bullish on thinking” stance as a notable qualification in his undisclosed background.
  • Kaz, a business developer within SAC, utilizes his background in consulting and advising to devise marketing strategies, with a strong interest in cryptocurrencies and stocks.
  • Max contributes to SAC as both a community leader and developer, actively promoting the crew and managing Twitter operations, including overseeing the sales bot, reflecting his affinity for Mary J as stated in his Twitter bio.
Stoned Ape NFT Collection Utility

Many benefits are associated with The Stoned Ape Crew NFTs. This included the ability for NFT holders to stake their tokens. As a result, NFT stakers can earn the $PUFF utility token. The biggest advantage of $PUFF is that SAC has partnered with dispensaries around the United States. Indeed, this revolutionizes how cannabis is purchased. With $PUFF, holders enjoy discounts and the freedom to pay for their favorite weed products.

Stoned Ape owners receive the ultimate perk of free cannabis. While the future holds exciting prospects, including the expansion of $PUFF acceptance in CBD stores and online businesses worldwide. The possibilities are endless, from purchasing CBD and Delta-8 products. Holders can acquire stylish Stoner Merch and cozy hoodies from the Stoned Ape Crew Online Store.

3) Cets on Creck NFT Collection

Cets on Creck is a captivating collection of 6975 NFT on the Solana Blockchain. Minted on Mar 11, 2022. The collection had a price of 2 SOL. Its enchanting journey has seen the floor price hit an all-time high of 65 SOL. The current price has settled at approximately 4.7 SOL.

Cets Crek
Source: Moonly

With a resounding total volume of over 700K SOL. The collection certainly has the ability to create hype. And could offer a bargain entry point into the collection.

Cets on Crek
Source: Wagmltip

Cets On Creck NFT project thrives on a vibrant and tight-knit community. Currently, its  6,900+ members embrace their individuality without hesitation. It’s considered a safe space for like-minded souls to express themselves freely. The name, derived from ‘Cats On Crack,’ symbolizes their fearless nature and living life on their terms while steering clear of any endorsement of illicit substances. It’s a unique community not meant for everyone, where living and loving life take center stage.

Cets on Creck Roadmap

The team is actively seeking collaborations with artists, brands, and entrepreneurs who embody the essence of Cets On Creck. They crave genuine and authentic entities that resonate with their ideology, whether they hail from the urban music or fashion industry. They staunchly refuse to compromise their brand values or conform to societal norms. As a web3 company, their priority lies in staying true and transparent. Exciting rewards, advantages, and other amazing opportunities will be unlocked when the time is ripe, enhancing the allure of this exceptional team.

Cets on Creck Team Behind The Collection

313Labs leads the Cets on Crek NFT Collection, a visionary collective fostering web3 innovation and vibrant communities. As the nurturing parent brand, 313Labs empowers Cets On Creck NFT to flourish and elevate the ecosystem’s worth. Peblo, an enigmatic figure, leads the team of talented individuals—an artist, design virtuoso, blockchain expert, content maven, operational maestro, and tech prodigy. Veiled in identity, their talents synergize for unparalleled creativity and imagination.

Cets on Creck Utility

The creators of the Cets On Creck brand have skillfully blended a relaxed and carefree image. Furthermore, with a dedicated effort to develop a thriving ecosystem. They have introduced an enticing line of merchandise, including caps, shirts, shorts, and hoodies, which quickly sold out. Anticipation is high for their upcoming releases. The unique $CRECK currency plays a central role within the ecosystem.

Moreover, Cets can stake their tokens through Stek to earn additional $CRECK rewards. Notably, Cets who indulge in Melk experience an instant boost of 1.25x more $CRECK. The exciting ecosystem has attracted substantial participation, with over 5,536 out of 6,969 Cets staked, representing a staggering minimum value of over $10 million.

Wrapping up:

All the collections discussed in this article are well-liked and supported by sizable communities. However, it’s crucial to remember that the NFT market is unstable and that prices might change drastically. Ensure you know the risks before investing in any NFT collection.

There is significant development potential for the NFT market, which is still in its early phases. If you’re looking for a way to get involved in the NFT space, these are a few top collections to consider.

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