Altcoins You Should Be Looking at Now

A lot has happened in the past couple of days, especially Ripple’s partial victory against the SEC. Nonetheless, your primary focus remains to craft the best strategy ahead of the bull market.

While Bitcoin remains the obvious choice for many people, altcoins shouldn’t be overlooked. An ideal portfolio preparing for a bull run should include Bitcoin, a chunk of altcoins, and a sprinkle of stablecoins. 

We recently covered the first part of this list of altcoins. We’ll expand that list to include more altcoins.

1) SCRT (Secret Network)

The Secret Network is an ecosystem that supports smart contracts programmability and includes advanced DeFi features. Secret Network might not enjoy so much publicity, and that’s because they are one of the quiet builders around. Their focus on privacy also makes them noteworthy. 

We’ve often said that privacy-focused chains will be in high demand during the bull market. And there are many problems that the Secret Network seeks to resolve. For example, it helps to improve Web3 adoption with its simple interface and wallets, which enable anyone to create NFTs without any prior technical experience.

In terms of privacy, Secret Network uses privacy-preserving smart contracts to ensure confidentiality and improve anonymity. This way, it brings a new level of protection to the market. SCRT is its native token and currently has these numbers:

  • SCRT price: $0.3802.
  • Market Cap: $80.1 million.
  • Circulating Supply: 211 million.
2) Pendle 

Pendle was recently listed on the Binance Innovation Zone and Launchpool. And we have it as one of our crypto projects under the radar. The Pendle project, as of early this month, had seen an impressive 1552% increase from the start of the year. 

Pendle’s growth is down to a number of factors. The best of which is its offering as a permissionless yield-trading protocol that allows users to execute different yield-management strategies.

Pendle had also been a favorite for whale activity. Whale activity often mirrors strong investor confidence in a project. Interestingly, data from Lookonchain showed that three whales deposited a combined amount of 5.6 million PENDLE, which was around $6.5 million at the time of the Binance listing.

According to DeFillama, Pendle’s TVL has already crossed the $143 million mark, which is more than 20-fold growth in one year. Projects like Pendle are bound to stand out especially as the crypto market takes on a new shape and moves away from what is regular. From whale activity to price and TVL growth, we see that Pendle has the potential to take center stage pretty soon. Here are Pendle’s numbers:

  • Pendle Price: $0.9101.
  • Market Cap: $87,93 million.
  • Circulating Supply: 96,95 million.
  • Total Supply: 231,725,335
  • Max Supply: 231,725,335
3) Kuji

Kujira is one of our favorite projects because it has a pretty unique offering. It seeks to turn crypto newbies into whales and experts. We know whales to be somewhat of an exclusive circle of privileged individuals. However, Kujira wants to provide the resources and information to level the playing field. So anyone can become a whale.

Kujira’s strategy for achieving this includes offering dapps (decentralized applications). The team claims that these apps will help users “generate income regardless of market direction and be inclusive of all blockchains and networks.”

All of Kujira’s apps help crypto users find the next big project in crypto. We have a deep dive into how the Kujira ecosystem works. You can find it here. Here are Kujira’s numbers:

  • Kujira Price: $0.8127.
  • Market Cap: $94.2 million.
  • Circulating Supply: 115,5 million. 
  • Total Supply: 122,374,481
  • Max Supply: 122,398,170
4) Gel (Gelato)

Gelato is a decentralized network empowering developers to create automated smart contract executions using bots as a modular Web3 DevOps service. Several projects rely on Gelato’s ability to execute millions of transactions across DeFi, NFTs, and gaming. In addition, Gelato makes bots compatible with EVM chains like Ethereym, Optimism, Polygon, Arbitrum, etc.

Gelato runs a marketplace that connects projects with operators, with bots seeking tasks to complete and receiving rewards in return. This way, developers outsource building custom bots for smart contracts and focus on building.

Lots of activities will take place in the bull market, and we’ll see projects further rely on Gelato’s services. So it makes sense to consider them an altcoin to hold. Here are its numbers:

  • GEL Price: $0.2559.
  • Market Cap: $56,2 million.
  • Circulating Supply: 219,504,903.
  • Total Supply: 420,690,000
  • Max Supply: 420,690,000

The altcoins listed in this article have good potential. However, we want you to do your research and determine which suits your strategy and goal the most.

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