What Is OpenDAO and $SOS?

Is $SOS too good to be true?

Something that is being talked about more on BAYC Twitter and deep within NFT Discord servers is the $SOS token airdrop. Seemingly, all users need to do is connect their wallet to the website, and the airdrop begins. The airdrop is directly correlated to and weighted based on:

  • Amount of money spent on OpenSea
  • Number of transactions on OpenSea

The website describes the token as the “token for the largest NFT community, to pay tribute, to protect, to promote…” But what does this actually mean?

What Is the $SOS Token?

OpenDao, the DAO behind the $SOS airdrop, selected OpenSea users as the recipients of the airdrop. Via their Discord: 20% of the token is allocated to the OpenDAO, and the token serves the purpose to:

  • Compensate verified scam victims on Open Sea with $SOS
  • Support emerging artists and their original work
  • Support NFT communities, along with art preservation
  • Provide developer grants for the $SOS ecosystem

The rest of the token airdrops are to OpenSea traders (50%) and is put into a treasury for staking and LP rewards (30%).

$SOS token allocation
via OpenDAO Discord

Anyone who has made a transaction on OpenSea since Day One is eligible for the airdrop. By the way, it is completely safe given you interact with the proper contract.

Who Is Behind OpenDao?

There are tons of questions in the community surrounding this token and airdrop. It almost seems too good to be true, especially at first. All you have to do is click a link, sign a MetaMask wallet transaction, and tokens airdrop to your wallet in hours. Seems like the common NFT scam we see every day. Oftentimes, when people do transactions like this, they find their NFTs stolen and their wallets empty.

But OpenDAO and $SOS are different. This is a true NFT community movement. OpenSea needs a support system. Scammers run rampant, rug pulling and ripping buyers off daily. OpenSea was doing nothing to stop this, so in true Web3 fashion, the community decided to do it themselves.

Project initiator 9x9x9eth is the figurehead of the DAO, but of course, the members govern it. This member base and thus governing body have grown rapidly. Yesterday at 3:55 pm EST, $SOS token was claimed by 1000 wallets. As of writing (10:47 am EST, December 24th), the project has 21,094 wallets holding the token.

Be Very Careful Claiming Your $SOS Airdrop

Bad actors have seen this as a fantastic opportunity to do the very opposite of the core principles of this project. Bots are spamming Discord servers with malicious links, looking to clean out the wallets of interested users.

If you click the right link and use the verified contract, there will be no issues in claiming your $SOS allocation. If you click any link bots spam in a Discord server, you’ll have a rude awakening.

Here are the verified links and Etherscan contract. Obviously, click at your own risk, sign the contract at your own risk, etc.




Also, something to consider: Remember always to do your research, make your own decisions, and invest in projects that interest you!

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