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This article has two parts. Here is the first one.

The Axie Marketplace is the official marketplace of the Axie Infinity game. The NFTgame became an instant hit, gathering thousands of players in Asia and other parts of the world. The game’s success led to the creation of a marketplace. 

So, the Axie Marketplace is a feature that facilitates trading in-game items. The competition amongst NFT marketplaces has grown intense with the industry’s growth. But, the big question is, “can the Axie marketplace survive?” or will it get drowned by the big fishes like Opensea, Rarible, etc.?

We recently published an introductory article on the Axie marketplace. So, we advise that you read it if you haven’t. This follow-up article will dive deeper and answer questions about the platform’s safety and breed.

Is Axie Marketplace Safe?

Hackers frequently target the Axie Infinity Marketplace. But, your NFTs will be secure since they are kept in your Ronin Wallet and as long as no one else gains access to it or learns your seed phrase. Therefore, to prevent your wallet from falling into the wrong hands, you should be cautious about the Web links you click on and how you save your seed phrase.

They’ve been situations where some users claimed that their wallets were hacked and that the attackers took all of their cryptocurrency and NFTs. Sadly, it is often difficult to recover these assets.

In November 2021, Axie Infinity reported a significant security lapse when its Discord channel was compromised. The hacker circulated a false document with a link leading to a site designed to steal Ethereum. Axie Infinity, however, repaid users their funds and tightened its security.

How to Create an Axie Marketplace Account

The process is pretty easy. So, let’s get right in.

  1. Go to the Axie Marketplace page and click Login at the top right of the page.

The next screen will show you two options on how to login into the Ronin Wallet.

Click “confirm” on the pop-up below:

Complete the account verification process. Here, you’ll have to set up your Email and password. You’ll find the “Set up email & Password” in the middle of the dashboard.

A verification mail will be sent to your mail. Click “Confirm” to proceed.

Attach your Metasmask account. Click “Account Settings” and then click “Attach MetaMask” to connect your Metamask.

Click ‘Next’, ‘Connect’, and ‘Sign’  on the Metamask pop-up that you’ll see next.

You can start buying and selling your Axie items.

Which Axies Should I Buy For Breeding?

In Axie Infinity, breeding entails producing and hatching an Egg to create a new Axie. The whole idea is to create an Axie with the desired characteristics, such as cards, bodily parts, and class.

You’ll need 2 Axies, a fixed amount of AXS, and some SLP to start breeding. Some Axies are better than others. But each serves a purpose. So, it is up to you to decide how you want to breed and your desired result.

Plant-based Axies are one of the best Axies to breed. You’ll mostly see an opponent with the Plant Axie in the arena. Plant Axies have one of the highest hit points. This increases your chances of success in the game.

Axie Marketplace for IOS

The Axie marketplace is accessible to IOS users. You can download the app on the app store. In conclusion, you have seen how to create an account on the marketplace. You can sell, buy and trade your Axies.

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