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KyberSwap Protects Against the Current Central Exchange Chaos

Because of the recent FTX scandal, we are experiencing a tipping point in the way the crypto community will begin to manage its crypto...
kyberswap multichain integration

Kyberswap Adds New Multichain Integration

The future is multichain. We’ve said that here a jillion times by now. But it’s true. Interoperability is here to stay. And one of...
Kyberswap & The Merge

KyberSwap and The Merge

The Merge is in the pocket. Ethereum is now a PoS blockchain, and we experienced blockchain history. However, a small set of miners initiated...

Kyberswap AMA with Imran Mohamad

Kyber Network is one of the most popular DEXs in the Ethereum and Polygon Ecosystem. It promises the best trading rates in DeFi. So,...
Lido Finance partners with KyberSwap Elastic to enhance liquidity on Polygon

KyberSwap Elastic-Lido Partnership Will Boost Liquidity on Polygon

On July 7th, 2022, KyberSwap launched its latest protocol, Elastic. It gives liquidity providers capital efficiency and risk management in their investments. Now, they've...
KyberSwap Makes Liquidity Mining Easier

How KyberSwap Elastic Differs From Uniswap V3

Kyber Network recently announced the launch of the KyberSwap Elastic, which allows users to provide liquidity to a pool within a custom price range...
Kyberswap elastic upgrade

KyberSwap Announces New Protocol: KyberSwap Elastic

The DeFi space is intensely competitive, where constant improvement appears to be the only way to stay on top. True to its style, KyberSwap...

KyberSwap Helps Investors Fight the Bear Market

Terms like "bull market" or "bear market" are popular in the crypto and investment markets. Simply explained, a bull market is one that is...
KyberSwap Makes Liquidity Mining Easier

KyberSwap Makes Liquidity Mining Easier

The crypto market has gone through several changes and innovations since it first emerged. A lot has changed in the use cases of cryptocurrencies....
Kyber network low cost fees

Meet Kyber Network: DeFi’s Sleeping Giant

It’s hard to think of a DeFi protocol that’s been around for 5 years and done $7 billion worth of transactions as unheralded and...