Chainlink Network Integrates Kytzu Validator

Kytzu Validator has partnered with Chainlink Network and is now a new Chainlink Node Operator.

Following the collaboration, Kytzu Validator will be live on mainnet pricing price data to DeFi applications due to being part of Chainlink’s popular Price Reference Data oracle networks.

The validator is expected to provide experience gained from protecting several proof-of-stake networks. These networks include Cosmos HUB, Solana, Kava, and IRIS Network.

In order words, Kytzu Validator brings 20 years of substantial expertise in software development and DevOps to Chainlink. The experience gained by Kytzu over the years allows the company to compose its own monitoring tools and mobile wallets. This ability helped them in their win at the Cosmos Game of Stakes competition in 2018.

What Kytzu Validator brings to the table

With this collaboration, some notable features will be provided by Kytzu Validator. They will:

  • Be responsible for providing 24/7 service uptime
  • Maintain redundant infrastructure with automated failover capabilities
  • Implement and serve a large set of external adapters
  • Maintain their own Ethereum nodes
  • Constantly serve accurate oracle data to customers through connection to various off-chain APIs.

Calin Chitu, the founder of Kytzu Validator, commented on joining the Chainlink Network. He said, “Joining Chainlink’s decentralized oracle network as a new node operator allows us to take part in provisioning a larger smart contract economy. This will be by expanding the amount of off-chain resources smart contract developers have access to on-chain.”

He added, “We’re excited to support the market-leading oracle network, opening up a plethora of new applications in DeFi. As well as, Insurance, Gaming, and more.”

About Chainlink and Kytzu Validator

Chainlink is one of the leading oracle networks that uses a decentralized node infrastructure. It also uses high-quality data sources to ensure smart contracts on any blockchain can get accurate data in a highly available and tamper-resistant manner.

Chainlink is the most used oracle in DeFi for a variety of leading applications and boasts over $3 billion in value. These applications include Aave, Synthetix, and Bancor. Its generalized framework is also being expanded to support various other use cases like blockchain gaming via its Verifiable Random Function and insurance through projects like Arbol.

Kytzu helps users manage day-by-day operations. Thus, allowing them to stake crypto and enjoy the rewards. The platform guarantees complete transparency and trust with a secure and stable validator.

Kytzu Validators’ Tendermint Networks consist of notable names like Cosmos Network and Iris Network. Some other major names include Terra Money, Kava Network, E-Money, Solana, and Celo.

Recent reports revealed that Chainlink (LINK) suffered a setback, in which a large number of tokens were removed from cryptocurrency exchanges. A tweet by Will Clemente gave details about the change in some cryptocurrency exchanges.


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