Pokemon Booster Box Opened by Logan Paul Generates $1 Million

Logan Paul has revealed news about the first $1 million Pokemon booster box sale. This follows the partnership Bondly Finance made with the American boxer, podcaster, and YouTuber earlier this month.

As preparation gears up for the 27th of February and following his partnership with Bondly Finance, Logan Paul has given insight into the staggering performance of the Pokemon booster box sale.

Logan revealed that 33 packs out of the 36 packs contained in the 1st edition booster box have been sold for an average of $38,250 each on Goldin Auctions. Therefore, making this “the first million-dollar Pokemon box in history”. The booster packs will be opened live on February 27 on Logan Paul’s YouTube channel.

Besides, the partnership between Bondly Finance and Logan Paul aims at bringing NFTs to the Maverick MetaVerse (the product and merchandise lines created by Logan Paul).

About Logan’s Exclusive NFTs

Logan Paul has occupied an important role in various diverse industries like entertainment and Pokemon. He recently announced the opening of another Pokémon 1st Edition booster box (dubbed a Pokemon Box Break) live on his YouTube channel. Logan will initially auction all 36 packs away. After that, he will open the packs live on his YouTube channel so that his 22+ million subscribers can watch.

Logan Paul showed his enthusiasm when the Bondly Finance team told him about the potential NFTs that can be brought to his Maverick family. Therefore, for his next Pokémon Box Break, Logan Paul will release Limited Edition NFTs that are developed and distributed by Bondly Finance.

Heritage Auctions recently revealed a new record for the most expensive first-edition Pokémon booster box sold. It was auctioned at $198,000.

Logan Paul’s Partnership With Bondly Finance

Logan Paul has entered into a technical partnership with Bondly Finance to help in the release of the Limited Edition series of NFT collectibles. These NFT collectibles come in different lines. When a Pokemon pack is sold, each buyer will receive 1 of 44 Logan Paul Ultra Rare Holographic NFTs.

However, Bondly Finance will be working alongside Logan Paul in the sale of an entirely different line of limited edition NFTs. These NFTs are associated with the box break but are being made available to those who could not bid during the auction process. Any Logan Paul NFT that will be sold will have its own limited quantity and level of rarity.

Each of these NFTs will be available for purchase for a limited time. After then, it can be sold on the open market. The Limited Edition Maverick NFTs will be available for purchase at Logan Paul’s custom store, which will be powered by Bondly and its BondSwap Marketplace.

With more people coming into this space, it is clear that, indeed, NFTs are here to stay. Mainstream celebrities, artists, and other influences have become interested in the opportunity presented by NFT technology. Bondly Finance aims to continue its work with Logan Paul and other partners in order to create, build, and develop NFT solutions.

Before now, Aavegotchi, a decentralized finance project that is backed by Aave, postponed the launch of its non-fungible token (NFT) game. The proposed launch of the digital collectible game, Aavegotchi, was on the 4th of January. It was also supposed to take place on Ethereum, but there has also been a change in plans as it was decided to move the game to Matic Network instead.

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Featured image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/Erik Drost.


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