anniversary special will be four years old on June 30, 2020. To commemorate this event the crypto fintech platform will be carrying out a 4th-anniversary special.

Users will be able to purchase Bitcoin (BTC) at a 50% discount on Alongside the discounted BTC sale, $2 million has been set aside for over 25,000 Exchange users. On June 30, 2020, the first 25,00 users to place their by subscription on the Syndicate platform will be eligible to take part in the event. All users are welcome to place their BTC subscription as CRO staking is not required.

The fintech platform further confirmed this announcement on Twitter. Inviting new people to register on Exchange to participate in the Syndicate Anniversary Special. To further increase their allocation for BTC subscriptions, users are advised to stake more of the fintech platform native token CRO. Users will also enjoy free trading discounts and 20% P.A. interest. As well as “preferential interest rate on Soft Staking!”

Twitter users will furthermore enjoy a $120,000 giveaway. They, however, need to stick strictly to the rules of the giveaway.

More details of the Anniversary Special

$2 million worth of Bitcoin will be available for sale at 50% off to 25,000 users. The table below shows the maximum CRO allocation that can be staked and furthermore applied towards the Syndicate Anniversary Special. 4th anniversary

Source: Blog

Users can only subscribe to BTC after staking a specific amount of CRO tokens. However, staked CRO token is also not allowed to be used for BTC subscriptions during this event.

Syndicate Anniversary Special Event Timeline timelineSource: Blog 

All BTC subscriptions will be allocated to users at distribution time. And will be calculated as follows: calculation

Source: Blog 

Please note that reserves the sole right to make changes to or terminate the rules of the anniversary special. Also, the US, China, and Hong Kong residents and citizens are not allowed to take part in the anniversary syndicate.

The platform recently listed ENJ tokens at 25% off on its Syndicate Lite platform. 


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