Google Open Doors for Crypto Marketers With New Policy

Following the latest policy for its financial products and services sectors, the world’s largest search engine technology, Google will allow crypto ads to run on its system again.

As stated in the latest policy drafted by Google, advertisers dealing in cryptocurrency exchange and wallet service providers who are willing to market their products can once again start running adverts. The policy went into full effect just three days ago on the 3rd of August, 2021.

Google Shifting From Its 2018 Grounds on Crypto Ads

Back in 2018, Google embargoed adverts for digital currencies, and other crypto-related products. ICO (Initial Coin Offering) related ads were not also left out of the mud. The policy was said to have been triggered by other online giants like Facebook who took a similar stand.

But the popular search engine has now cut back on the policy since June when it initially laid out a new cryptocurrency ad revision framework. The framework stated that marketers offering crypto exchanges and wallets which aim at the U.S customers will once again be allowed to run ads for their products. There are certain conditions to be met before the permission, stated in part in the framework.

Now with the latest developments, the company will make running ads on its network by wallets possible. Wallets by effect can start running adverts on the google search engine, YouTube. As well as, other services given they comply with the specific conditions highlighted in the June framework. One of such includes a mandatory certification process of the company.

According to the spokesperson for the company, the certification process complies with the “existing FinCEN regulations and requirements.”

With the world’s most used online search engine backing down: updating the earlier policy, marketers in the blockchain industry now have something to cheer about.

Besides, the incorporation of crypto, and other related projects adverts has the potential to allot a substantial additional profit for the company.

Google Ads Requirements and Drive

Marketers of crypto ads must be enlisted with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network. They must register with either a state, federal, or state-chartered bank unit as a “money services business.”

Google still hampers ICOs as the new policy disallows it and other decentralized finance (DeFi) trading protocols from running ads on its system. Google also shut the door to the promotion of purchasing, trading, or selling digital currencies.

The new revamped Google policy also impedes crypto adverts from attaching sites hosting signals for cryptocurrency trading. This did not exclude websites offering cryptocurrency advice on cryptocurrency investment, aggregators, or associate websites comprising similar content or broker analyses.

Similarly, endorsement deals between crypto and celebrity are also not permitted. Controversy related to fake endorsement by celebrities has been believed to have influenced this disapproval.

As stipulated by the revised framework, the various conditions designed must be met. The conditions are strictly bent on weeding out shady ads and other crypto-related shams.

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