Latest TrustSwap Launchpad Project Goes Live!

Decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol TrustSwap has released details of several upgrades on its platform. The upgrade includes expansion of the platform as well as a strategic acquisition.

Aside from this, TrustSwap has also disclosed that its much-anticipated Launchpad project is now live.

Details of TrustSwap Launchpad

The much-anticipated Launchpad project of the Coin liquidity offering is active, and Coin tweets that the liquidity offering will remain open for 12 hours. Everyone with 2,000 SWAP will have access to the platform. Interestingly, all those with a DASH score of more than 2,000 will also receive about 1.5% of the coin total supply as airdrop tokens.

Interestingly, the platform also disclosed that its Launchpad will help another project mirror the size of the Coinbase user base in just one year. This is quite a lofty claim as Coinbase currently boasts of over 35 million users.


At the end of this month, TrustSwap CTO Adam Barlam is expected to publish details of a currently ongoing secret project on the platform. The project, according to Barlam, is sure to attract investors to the platform. The project will increase transaction volume, as well as stakers’ earnings. Barlam further noted that TrustSwap, prior to the launch of this new project, has been accumulating funds to help the launch start out strong.

TrustSwap Mentions Proposed Acquisition

The DeFi platform has disclosed plans for an upcoming strategic acquisition. TrustSwap has plans to purchase another cryptocurrency firm, along with all its team, IP, assets, etc. This acquisition is in line with TrustSwap’s goal of becoming a giant in the blockchain and crypto sphere. The contracts will be signed in about one week’s time before the official announcement of the acquisition is made. The coming together of the two companies is a massive step for the DeFi platform. According to the official blog post, the acquisition will “launch TrustSwap into a whole new league.”

Finally, TrustSwap’s staking dashboard has recently received a makeover. The dashboard is easier to operate and important details are also easier to locate.

SWAP Price

In the last 7 days SWAP is up by over 74%. At the time of writing, SWAP token was trading at $0.345347, with a market cap of $22,321,943 and a 24-hour trading volume of $1,923,712.

Find out more about the DeFi platform on the Altcoin Buzz YouTube channel.



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