Binance, the largest digital asset exchange by 24-hour volume, has recently added a feature where users can convert their crypto dust to Binance Coin (BNB). Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao hinted at the new feature being added in a tweet this morning.


What is dust?

“Dust” is a term used to describe quantities of crypto assets that are too small to sell by themselves. This new feature allows Binance users to instantly convert all their dust into BNB. Now, your dust can be converted into a useful asset. Binance will allow you to convert any asset holding that is worth less than .001 BTC to BNB.

How do I convert my dust to BNB?

If you log into Binance and view your balances, you will see that a new option has been added next to the “Hide Small Assets” Button. Simply click the “Convert to BNB” button, and the next page will allow you to select the dust that you would like to convert. The bottom of the page will show you how much BNB you will get from converting the selected dust, as well as the fee for such a conversion.


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