Nimbus – 10 Earning Strategies DeFi Ecosystem to Launch DAO

Nimbus, the holistic DeFi ecosystem that aims to offer realistic and sustainable revenue generation DeFi models is all set for launch. According to the official release shared with Altcoin Buzz, the project is launching its new DAO-governed DeFi ecosystem and NBU token on 27 January. Interestingly, Nimbus already serves an active community of 50,000 users with a trading App. Thus, the system is set to enable the wide adoption of NBU token and DAO-governed DeFi ecosystem.

Nimbus launched in 2019 and within a year it delivered a blockchain-powered solution to 50,000 users. Now the platform is working towards leveraging the best practices of the industry to play a crucial role in helping DeFi mature. With the launching of this new DeFi Ecosystem, it will provide users access to investment opportunities like IPOs, startup financing, P2P lending, and more. Currently, these investment opportunities are not accessible to common people who hold fiat. Moreover, the best part is that all these investment opportunities are accessible using only one token, NBU.

Multiple earning strategies

Currently, the DeFi and traditional finance users need to switch between multiple investment platforms to maximize their returns. Moreover, Nimbus promises to solve this problem with its new DeFi ecosystem. NBU, the native Nimbus token opens 10 earning strategies for its users. Here is the list

DAO-governed dApps ecosystem

The dApp ecosystem includes four dApps:

  • Nimbus IPO Hub dApp – Through the liquidity pools, the hub will enable IPOs participation for any user. Thus, without any middleman or brokerage fees, the platform users will be able to acquire stocks and make profits.
  • Nimbus Crowdfunding dApp – This dApp opens up an investment opportunity in startups and future unicorns. Moreover, it mitigates the risk to the invested funds as it automatically distributes the funds upon startup KPIs.
  • Crypto Arbitrage Trading – It is a decentralized version of the already deployed trading app by Nimbus. In the last year, the existing app attracted 50,000 users.

P2P Lending dApp – This dApp combines the best practices of traditional and decentralized finance to provide risk-adjusted lending and borrowing platform.

Furthermore, Nimbus is on a mission to become a one-stop-shop to bridge investment of digital assets to multiple investment options.

Truly decentralized DAO

Furthermore, the Nimbus Organization will get only 10% of the Nimbus governance tokens. These tokens enable voting and revenue earning distribution among its holders. This ensures true stakeholder participation in the Nimbus ecosystem.

Audited Smart Contracts

Nimbus DAO is a key component of the ecosystem and is a set of smart contracts audited by Zokyo, one of the reputed blockchain security organization. Zokyo has also conducted the smart-contract audits of Fuse Network.

Moreover, the team has designed and tested the tokenomics very carefully. Furthermore, a crowdfunding EU license is pending and the agreements with some major Liquidity Providers are underway.

System of 3 tokens

For the proper functioning of the Nimbus ecosystem, the team plans to launch 3 types of tokens – each with its own unique benefits for the holder:

  • NBU Token – Regular ERC-20 token (launching on 27 January)
  •  Nimbus Governance token – ERC-20 Governance token
  •  STAN – 100% USD backed stablecoin

    What can you do with NBU?
    Once the NBU token goes live, the users can swap any amount of NBU on the official Nimbus website. Along with that, they can stake their NBU for up to 12% APY.Additionally, those who acquire NBU and choose to join the Referral program can earn 10% of their referee’s token acquisition and 0.15% of the referee’s token swaps.

    About the team

    Founded and led by well-seasoned experts from Fintech, Crypto, Blockchain, Cyber Security, and AI/ML space, Nimbus is trying to overcome the DeFi challenges. Furthermore, it includes ex top-managers from organizations like Huawei.

    Nimbus, the project that promises to redefine the DeFi ecosystem is finally all set to launch. With this, the two dApps will go live and users will be able to buy the one in all NBU tokens.


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