QuarkChain and Amazon Web Services Collaborate

QuarkChain has recently partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to launch a high-performance and highly flexible Enterprise BaaS Platform. This one-stop application platform is based on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2). Furthermore, this platform supports building highly customized applications with higher availability.  

As it is an Amazon EC2 based Enterprise BaaS platform, the clients can quickly resize their compute capacity which is a big advantage. Moreover, the QuarkChain technology team has poured in years of research and development to build a BaaS service that runs on the cloud.

What does the platform look like?

The platform uses network and block browsers for:

  • Data storage and certification on-chain
  • Smart contract deployment and operation
  • On-chain data query

Additionally, the platform helps establish cost-efficient management. This is because it uses Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS). Furthermore, Amazon RDS automates various time-consuming administration tasks. Precisely, these range from hardware provisioning, backups, database setup, and patching.

QuarkChain and AWS

Source:@QuarkChain official 

Additionally, Enterprise BaaS utilizes standardized APIs and enterprise terminal applications. This helps it to connect the blockchain system and enterprise solutions.

Serves wider industries

The Enterprise BaaS has been developed to meet the needs of varied industries. Moreover, applications developed on the Enterprise BaaS can be customized to meet the requirements. However, this is possible only because of the flexible heterogeneous sharding blockchain system. QuarkChain developed this unique system for higher efficiency and flexibility.

Most importantly, the system can work with:

  • different ledger models
  • token economics
  • consensus mechanisms
  • virtual machines
  • multiple chains. By utilizing the heterogeneous sharding blockchain system, the developer can provide a multi-level permission control. This is very important when the application is a combination of consortium chain and public chain.
1,000,000+ TPS achieved

QuarkChain and its community have been persistently trying to achieve new levels of TPS. In December 2019, QuarkChain conducted its 2nd TPS competition where the participants achieved a TPS of 318,052. During the event, QuarkChain announced a 0.25 BTC + 500,000 QKC reward for the participant who achieves 1,000,000 TPS.

On 10 July 10, QuarkChain announced that one of its community members has achieved the ultimate goal of 1,000,000 TPS.

A Big official cooperation

Recently, QuarkChain signed cooperation with the Provincial Government of China. As per the cooperation, QuarkChain will work with an ecological department under the government. Furthermore, they will together build an Environmental Governance Platform on Blockchain (EGPB). Consequently, the first EGPB will find its application for construction resource management and trading in a northwest province in China.

The system will be using heterogenous sharding technology. This will enable traceability and market supervision. According to the official statement made by the government QuarkChain’s EGPB solution is already deployed in some pilot areas. After the successful competition of the pilot program, the solution will serve more provinces and more resources.

According to Dr. Zhou, Founder and CEO of QuarkChain, blockchain solution services need to have better performance. At the same time, deployment costs must be low without compromising the regulatory standards. Moreover, believes that with the AWS cloud network, QurakChain will be able to deliver compliant and controllable solutions across the globe.

In 2019, QuarkChain had represented the blockchain industry in AWS Technology Summit. This year again, AWS has invited QuarkChain. The team will utilize this opportunity to demonstrate its Enterprise BaaS platform.

Previous in July, QuarkChain launched its Staking 1.0.


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