Kiba Inu review

As the world of meme coins continues to evolve, numerous copycats have emerged, all vying for recognition. However, drawing inspiration from the beloved Naruto’s Kiba Inuzuka, Kiba Inu stands out as a remarkable anomaly amidst this flurry of competitors.

What sets Kiba Inu apart is its unique purpose and a passionate team, ceaselessly striving to enhance the coin’s overall ecosystem. Like the faithful canine companion, Kiba Inu promises firm dedication to its community. Let us dive deeper into the world of Kiba Inu.

What is Kiba Inu?

Kiba Inu is a meme-coin that has established itself as a vibrant and dynamic ecosystem encompassing many products. Drawing its name from the Naruto character Kiba Inuzika, known for embodying loyalty and integrity, Kiba Inu aims to emulate these qualities within the meme coin ecosystem.

Kiba Inu prioritizes transparency and integrity in contrast to most meme tokens, which often lack utility and are associated with pump-and-dump schemes and rug-pull scams. Accordingly, its primary goal is to revolutionize meme coins by integrating genuine utility into their core functionalities.

Since its initial launch, Kiba Inu has garnered recognition and earned its place on several reputable exchanges, including MEXC, Gate.ioUniswap, and Pancakeswap.

At the heart of this ecosystem is the $KIBA token, which fuels the core components and powers the various offerings of Kiba Inu. In fact, it exists on Binance Smart Chain and on Ethereum.

How Does Kiba Inu Work?

Although the Kiba coin is a meme coin, the platform is steadfast in its commitment to long-term success, placing active community engagement at the core of its operations.

Moreover, to ensure the project’s sustainability for years to come, Kiba Inu has dedicated itself to fostering open communication with the community and stakeholders. The team behind the coin has diligently developed a range of features that enable the token to function effectively, catering to the needs and interests of its users (we’ll cover those in the next sections!).

Most importantly, through its distinctive approach, Kiba Inu has made impressive strides, enabling it to secure collaborations with reputed entities.

Moreover, its achievements have led to partnerships with prestigious organizations, including the European Cricket LeagueAlfa Romeo Racing ORLENApollon Limassol FCTeam BRITUndead BlocksGonzaga AthleticsUdinese Calcio, and Odisha FC. Furthermore, Kiba Inu has also listed CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap, NOWPayments, and CryptoCart as industry allies. Besides, Kiba Inu also underwent a thorough audit by Certik.

Features of Kiba Inu

Kiba Inu offers its users a range of essential trading tools, including KibaSwap, a decentralized exchange (DEX), and Kiba Bridge. Additionally, Kiba Inu provides a suite of tools such as Kiba Tools, which includes Kiba Charts and Kiba Gains, enabling traders to access valuable market insights and maximize their profits. The platform also offers KibaFomo, and Kiba Honeypot Checker to enhance the overall trading experience.

Notably, KibaSwap stands out the most as a DEX compatible with multiple chains, broadening the scope of available trading options.

Moreover, Kiba Inu has exciting plans ahead, as it announced that the Kiba game will soon launch on the Epic Store. Let’s take a closer look at Kiba Inu’s offerings.

Kiba Swap

KibaSwap is an intuitive multi-blockchain DEX where users can seamlessly trade ETH and BSC tokens. To begin trading on KibaSwap, users can connect their web3 wallets, choosing from popular options like MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, Fortmatic, or Portis.

Alternatively, users can utilize the WalletConnect protocol to connect with their preferred wallets. Selecting the desired network within your wallet settings is important to ensure you are on the correct blockchain.

Operating as an automated market maker (AMM), KibaSwap empowers users to swap tokens, create liquidity pools, and monitor crucial market statistics through the user-friendly KibaChart tool.

With KibaChart, traders can conveniently track vital token indicators, including price, 24-hour volume, market cap, transaction count, and price fluctuations, eliminating the need for relying on third-party platforms. Additionally, its Swap tab provides real-time updates on network congestion, offering the option to subscribe to notifications for optimal transaction execution.

Understanding the diverse needs of traders, KibaSwap is committed to enhancing the trading experience with additional features. While some of these features are currently experimental, they hold tremendous potential.

And more importantly, most of these advanced functionalities are exclusively available to KIBA token holders, providing them with unique platform benefits and opportunities.

Kiba Bridge

Kiba bridge, developed by the Kiba Inu team in partnership with Moontography, offers seamless interoperability for $KIBA holders to switch between BSC and Ethereum effortlessly.

Kiba Bridge

Besides, Kiba Bridge also offers extensive support for cross-chain bridging, enabling seamless transfers between various blockchain networks. Currently, Kiba Bridge supports bridging between Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain BSC, Avalanche, Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, Fantom, and Metis.

Kiba Gains

Kiba Gains is a user-friendly portfolio tracker designed to simplify the process of monitoring and tracking profits. Its intuitively designed dashboard lets users easily keep tabs on their balances and view real-time data.

Kiba Tool

KIBA grants its token holders exclusive access to the comprehensive Kiba Tools suite, offering a range of convenient services on Kiba Swap. This suite encompasses essential functionalities such as token creation, liquidity provision, token locks, and the ability to launch Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs).

Kiba HoneyPot checker

The Kiba HoneyPot Checker is a versatile tool that verifies and tests smart contracts, ensuring their legitimacy and safeguarding users from potential honey pots or scams. By utilizing this tool, users can assess the trustworthiness of smart contracts and gain valuable insights into the associated buy and sell fees.

Moreover, the Kiba Honey Pot Checker is compatible with the Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum Blockchain.


KibaFomo is a token tracker specifically catering to newly listed tokens on BSC and Ethereum. This platform offers eager investors the exciting opportunity to enter the market early.

Recognizing the significance of early entry in maximizing returns on investment, KibaFomo provides valuable opportunities for investors to get involved right from the start.


KibaCharts aims to empower investors and offers a comprehensive view of transaction data and charts from top platforms like Dextools, Coingecko, CoinMarketCap, and Moontools for tokens.

In the fast-paced realm of cryptocurrencies, token valuations can undergo rapid shifts, particularly during launches and periods of high volatility. Investors must track token performance and assess portfolios to navigate this landscape effectively.

KibaCharts serves as the solution, encouraging users to hold Kiba tokens, unlocking the full potential of the Kiba ecosystem, and granting access to these essential tools.

Tokenomics of Kiba Inu

The KIBA token is on two networks, Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, with a maximum supply of approximately 2 trillion units evenly distributed between the two networks.

The circulating supply may vary on each network due to token burning. Currently, the project has burnt over 203.8 billion KIBA tokens on Ethereum and more than 199.8 billion tokens on the Binance Smart Chain.

Following the migration of the project to a more efficient smart contract, the fee model of KibaSwap has changed. Users are no longer required to pay taxes on wallet-to-wallet transfers or when transferring tokens between networks. However, network fees still apply.

According to its official Medium page, traders are subject to a 0% fee for token purchases and a 6% fee for token sales.

A 1% treasury tax is collected to support the project’s development and growth when selling $KIBA. Kiba Inu uses the remaining 5% liquidity tax to provide liquidity for the project and burns 0.25% of that tax to reduce the total supply of Kiba Inu tokens over time.

Naturally, the project uses the fees collected primarily for developing internal tools, marketing, and team payouts.

Kiba Inu Use Cases

Kiba Inu provides a diverse range of exciting use cases within its ecosystem, which we have detailed in the ‘Features of Kiba Inu’ section.

These encompass essential trading tools like KibaSwap, Kiba Bridge, Kiba Tools (including Kiba Charts and Kiba Gains), KibaFomo, and Kiba Honeypot Checker. These tools cater to the needs of cryptocurrency enthusiasts, empowering them with efficient trading, monitoring, and security functionalities.

Moreover, Kiba Inu’s integration of NFTs unlocks the digital art collection & trading world, allowing users to participate in the thriving non-fungible token market.

Additionally, the upcoming launch of its game on the Epic Game Store will most likely feature $KIBA as the in-game token, further solidifying its importance within the wider range of Kiba offerings.

Through its expanding partnerships and collaborations, Kiba Inu continues to explore new avenues and use cases, constantly creating additional value and possibilities for its community and token holders.


Undoubtedly, Kiba Inu sets out to defy expectations and deliver a meme-based project that maximizes utility. What truly distinguishes Kiba Inu is its strong emphasis on innovative and creative marketing strategies and deflationary tokenomics.

Interested in knowing more? Stay tuned for part two of the article for a deeper dive!

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