kiba inu review

In the first part of this article, we delved into the Kiba Inu ecosystem, exploring its tokenomics and various use cases.

In this final part, we will cover essential aspects such as how and where to buy the Kiba Inu token, provide a review of Kiba Inu NFTs, and delve into a KibaSwap review.

How And Where To Buy Kiba Inu Tokens?

Kiba Inu is available for trading on DEXs such as Uniswap and PancakeSwap. If you wish to buy Kiba Inu on Ethereum, you can do so on Uniswap, and if you prefer to acquire it on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), you can use PancakeSwap.

How And Where To Buy Kiba Inu Tokens?

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To purchase the Kiba Inu token on PancakeSwap, follow the simple steps below.

  1. Create a wallet like a Metamask wallet.
  2. Send some Binance Coin (BNB) from an Exchange or another wallet to your Metamask wallet.
  3. Visit PancakeSwap and connect your wallet.
  4. Input the number of tokens you want to swap (spending amount) or the number you want to receive (receiving amount) in the appropriate sections.
  5. Verify all the details and click the Swap button to exchange your BNB for Kiba Inu.
  6. Confirm the swap when prompted by your wallet.

That’s it! You now hold $KIBA in your wallet. Alternatively, you can also purchase Kiba Inu from CEXs like MEXC or

Please follow the simple steps below to trade $KIBA on

  1. Create an account with or log in to your existing account.
  2. Complete KYC and security verification if necessary.
  3. Fund your account with your desired amount.
  4. Buy Kiba Inu at the market price or set a specific buy price.
  5. Withdraw your Kiba Inu tokens to an external wallet if needed.

Following these straightforward instructions, you can easily buy and hold Kiba Inu tokens on DEXs like Uniswap and PancakeSwap or CEXs like MEXC and

Kiba Inu NFTs

Kiba Inu NFTs represent the genesis collection of 111 unique 3D NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain, granting ‘Kiba Frens and Family’ exclusive access.

Released on August 28th, 2022, users could mint Kiba Inu NFTs on KibaSwap, the in-house DEX, at a mint price of 0.088 ETH. The collection has since seen a total volume of 17 ETH. It is currently available for a floor price of 0.7 ETH in OpenSea and other third-party NFT marketplaces.

Each NFT in the collection features a singular base character, reflecting the uniqueness of Kiba. However, each NFT possesses its own set of individual characteristics, making them as distinct as each member of the ‘Krew’. The excitement doesn’t end there, as NFTs can be enhanced with add-on releases, introducing even more characteristics as they become available.

Traits and Perks

Kiba Inu generated the NFTs algorithmically by combining 86 unique traits with varying rarity. These traits span categories such as background, earrings, eye color, fur color, eyewear, headwear, mouth accessories, necklaces, nose rings, and outfits. Moreover, add-on traits will be periodically released, with the team informing the community about upcoming additions.

Furthermore, holding a Kiba Inu NFT offers numerous perks, including access to future airdrops, NFT-exclusive items in the shop, and the upcoming Kiba Klub in the metaverse. Additionally, NFT holders can expect VIP offline experiences and more unrevealed benefits.

The Kiba Inu NFT roadmap consists of two phases. Phase 1 includes Whitelisting and early access to dynamic NFT releases, KibaSwap beta features, Tier 1 access to the raffle system on KibaSwap, and early access to the Kiba ecosystem. Meanwhile, Phase 2 comprises collaborations with clothing brands and sports clubs for new kits/outfits, access to the Kiba game, access to the Kibaverse, weighted vote shares on the Kiba DAO, and a larger share of revenue generated from the Kiba DAO.

On another note, Kiba Inu made history by awarding the world’s first professional NFT trophy, the Fairplay Award, to the European Cricket League (ECL) Swedish team Alby Zalmi last year.

KibaSwap Review

KibaSwap is the in-house decentralized exchange (DEX) that enables users to seamlessly trade Ethereum and BSC tokens. It was developed with the average investor in mind, making it visually appealing and straightforward for those with little to no experience in crypto.

As part of Kiba Inu’s mission to “restore integrity to the meme space,” KibaSwap supports investors by providing the necessary tools to make informed trades on the decentralized exchange.

To get started on KibaSwap, users can connect their web3 wallets, choosing from popular options like MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, Fortmatic, or Portis. Alternatively, users can use the WalletConnect protocol to connect with their preferred wallets, ensuring they are on the correct blockchain by selecting the desired network within their wallet settings.

Moreover, as an automated market maker (AMM), KibaSwap empowers users to conduct token swaps, create liquidity pools, and monitor crucial market statistics through the user-friendly KibaChart tool.

With KibaChart, traders can conveniently track essential token indicators such as price, 24-hour volume, market cap, transaction count, and price fluctuations, eliminating the need for relying on third-party platforms. The Swap tab provides real-time updates on network congestion, offering the option to subscribe to notifications for optimal transaction execution.

A Feature-rich DEX

Notably, KibaSwap sets itself apart from other DEX platforms by allowing users to implement limit orders, enabling preferential entries rather than just buying at the market price.

Besides, the platform offers tools like KibaFomo, Honeypot Checker, KibaTools, and KibaReport, which we discussed in the first part of the article.

KibaSwap is committed to enhancing the trading experience with additional features, some of which are currently experimental but hold tremendous potential. Importantly, most of these advanced functionalities are exclusively available to KIBA token holders, providing them with unique platform benefits and opportunities as they engage with the KibaSwap.


Undoubtedly, Kiba Inu stands out as a captivating contender in the meme coin scene, setting itself apart with its burn mechanisms, deflationary tokenomics, and notable partnerships.

Inspired by the character Kiba Inuzika from Naruto, Kiba Inu embodies loyalty and integrity, aiming to bring transparency and trustworthiness to the meme coin ecosystem, often plagued by pump-and-dump and rug-pull scams.

With a clear purpose of integrating utility into meme coins, Kiba Inu presents a remarkable approach within this space. Only time can tell what the future holds for this project.

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