Top Reasons to Buy Uniqly in May 2021

Uniqly is the first blockchain-based escrow and marketplace that enables users to trade or create non-fungible tokens and even turn them into real-world items. The platform builds the missing bridge between the virtual world of NFTs and tangible products. Moreover, Uniqly provides a unique way to resell clothing and other products.

Uniqly is powered by an ERC-20 UNIQ token that plays a crucial role in its ecosystem. Token holders can utilize UNIQ to lower the commission fees, get 15% of the platform’s profits as ETH rewards, staking, participate in affiliate programs, and access the exclusive collection of digital work.

The above is just the brief; Uniqly has a lot more to offer that puts it in Altcoin Buzz’s list of must-have assets. Let’s explore what makes the platform stand out from the rest of the NFT marketplace and escrow.

Incorporating Brand New Tech

1) Product Generator: The generator is a multi-functional and powerful tool of Uniqly that allows users to create their own accessory designs and original clothing. Technology proficient or not – anyone can create an NFT token using the product generator and bring it into existence in the real world. Users can design a wide range of products, including t-shirts, hats, sweatshirts, masks, logos, memes, slogans, or any other artwork. The generator is an ideal option for influencers, YouTubers, artists, etc., to create a clothing collection and offer it to their fanbase. As a part of their strategy to test the water, Uniqly is launching the NFT shirt collection drop in association with ChainLink, in which the platform will give away 10 ETH to 10 winners, meaning one shirt is equal to one ticket.

2) Escrow: The escrow service of Uniqly allows the platform to carry out commercial transactions involving all physical products – even products that are not created on the product generator. It enables users to transfer the value of products to the blockchain and make instant transactions with Uniqly as a trusted third-party service. The mechanism to use the escrow service is also simple. All a user needs is to deposit the goods in Uniqly’s secure warehouse, and once the team verifies the product, a user can exchange it for an NFT token.

3) Marketplace: Uniqly’s Marketplace is the only way by which a user can purchase NFTs backed by real-world value. It utilizes an easy-to-use peer-to-peer interface that enables the exchange of non-fungible tokens between two parties. Moreover, the Marketplace is equipped with all the essential features that provide users with an interface to create their own brand within Uniqly’s ecosystem. They can even set up their own online store with a personalized landing page and list the products designed with the product generator.

Turning Intangible Art Into Real-World Items

4) NFT Token Materialization: The world of NFTs is largely driven by intangible items that are often sold for large sums of money. Though such artworks have value in the eyes of its collector, they are merely a digital record that does not exist in the real world. Uniqly intends to change the narrative around NFTs by introducing a way to convert digital art into real-world items. This can be achieved by using a three-dimensional form of the underlying artwork, which accurately represents the unique appearance of the NFT. Each materialized item is given a QR code, which a user can scan to verify its authenticity and origin.

Token and Tokenomics

5) UNIQ Token: At the center of Uniqly’s ecosystem lies UNIQ – a utility token. It can be used for availing discounts on the platform in addition to staking benefits. Besides, UNIQ holders are eligible to access the exclusive collection on Uniqly as long as they have a minimum of 10,000 tokens.

The team intends to give 15% of company profits to buy back UNIQ tokens and burn them. Another 15% will be rewarded to the community through staking pools and other rewards.

Team, Advisors, and Partners

6) Team: Uniqly is the brainchild of Christopher Perdek, an industry veteran with remarkable experience in strategy, partnerships, and innovation in fintech and blockchain technology. Mateusz Bosek, the Chief Technology Officer of Uniqly, brings nine years of international experience in startup and enterprise environments. His previous experience includes working with HSBC and QIAGEN.

Uniqly’s marketing and PR campaigns are led by Hubert Dolata, the former CMO of Trust Swap. He also holds extensive experience in finance marketing, investor relations, and corporate development.

7) Advisor: A technology entrepreneur, Kylie Chasse is a strategic advisor to Uniqly. He has advised and invested in various blockchain projects since his first investment in Bitcoin in 2012. Kylie has also worked as COO of Credits, a blockchain-as-a-service company.

8) Partners: A project is as strong as its partners. Uniqly has included some of the top names of the blockchain and crypto industry, including ChainLink, Curate, VAIOT, Alphabit, Master Ventures, Enjin, Moon Boots, PAID Network, and Tixl.


The NFT space is largely associated with the digital world. Uniqly, with its blockchain-based solution, intends to make a change by combining digital artwork with real-world items. Its roadmap allows us to gauge the developments made on the platform, which are right on track to turn the vision of connecting virtual artwork with the real world into a reality. As people wrap their heads around the true nature of digital collectibles, Uniqly’s solutions will make more sense than holding just a virtual item.

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