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Many of us love gaming but are busy with work and other commitments. Thus, we continuously doubt whether we should even start playing a game. 

In the blockchain gaming space, one of the key features is to reward players for playing. In general, idle games provide busy people with a way to enjoy gaming while spending little time on it. Here are some free to play crypto games you can try out without committing too much time.


CryptoIdleMiner is an idle mining game in which players build their own mining empire. Players constantly upgrade their infrastructures, hire new miners and work toward prestige. Hence, they gain higher earnings multiplier.

Players compete on the leaderboards by earning points. Each week the platform pays out Hora Tokens (according to your standings). Hora Tokens are TRC-20 tokens which can be withdrawn from the game and sold on some markets.

The game will continue to mine in-game cash (even if you are not playing). You can enter the game as and when you want to collect your earnings and upgrade your dynasty. Placing on the leaderboard is an easy task due to their league system. From there onward, just progress at your own pace and collect Hora Tokens each week. Even if you are not active, Hora Tokens will still be paid out to your account if you on the leaderboard.

Available on: Mobile(Android and IOS)

Protocol: TRON


Crypto Sword and Magic

Crypto Sword and Magic is a dungeon RPG game. In it, you can loot a lot of NFTs. Players choose 1 out of 4 job classes and start their journey rampaging dungeons. Up to 4 players can raid a dungeon and you can select who else you’d like to bring along. While in a dungeon, you can choose the auto-battle option and the party will raid the dungeon on their own.

There isn’t a limit to dungeon raiding and every dungeon run gives you a chance to loot NFTs. The latter are sellable in the in-game market for EOS. Even if you aren’t in-game, other players can use the mercenary system to bring your characters for raids. You will be able to gain rewards as well.

Available on: Mobile(Android and IOS)

Protocol: EOS


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Infinity Star

Infinity Star is an action RPG in which you can form a team of 3 to clear different sectors. Players can gather different grade materials in the sectors to craft stronger weapons and equipment. Weapons and equipment are able to be transferred onto the Ethereum network and be sold on the open markets.

You can find hero fragments during battles too and assemble them. Heroes can be bought and sold on the open markets.

While sending your team into a sector, it auto battles for you. The fights automatically play by itself and the stages reset each time your party loses. This means your team doesn’t stop fighting until you manually exit the sector or server maintenance happens.

There isn’t any penalty for losing or raid limit for sectors so your team can actually fight 24/7. One thing to take note is to use your experience potions to level up your characters as there is limited space for that.

Available on: PC

Protocol: ETH


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