dappradar review part 2

DappRadar hosts over 13,000 dApps, covering 48 protocols. Tracking dApps is their core business. This is Part 2 about DappRadar, here’s a link to Part 1.

So, let’s dive into DappRadar and see what they are all about.

Is DappRadar Safe?

DappRadar appears to be safe and legit. They were already established in 2018. As a result, their website has a long-standing registration. This is important since it establishes trust. In other words, the site seems trustworthy, with high-quality content, and safe.

It is a popular website that also scores good with sincere social media praise. They also have various positive mentions in authoritative websites. Furthermore, their site has an SSL certificate. This means that nobody can read any data flowing between your browser and the DappRadar website. That’s because SSL uses encrypted data. They made it up to rank #8100 in the now defunct Alexa rankings. During their best months, they had over 1 million viewers on their site. For an extensive view on their year, you can check this report.

Furthermore, they have a strong following on social media. On Twitter, they have 183.6k followers. In their Discord server, they have over 14,300 members. These are all signs that DappRadar seems legit and safe. The picture below shows their blog page. Here you can find plenty of in-depth dApp reviews or reports.


Source: DappRadar blog

What Is the DappRadar token?

The DappRadar token, RADAR, is their native token. It scales its platform and also has a couple of good use cases. For example,

  • Governance — You can vote on proposals if you are a RADAR token holder. This allows you to take an active part in the direction this project takes.
  • Staking — You can stake RADAR on two different platforms:
    • SushiSwap: With a current APR of 138.25%.
    • ApeSwap: With a current APR of 67.88%. However, they also have an option to take part in cross-chain staking. To clarify, this means that you can claim your rewards on a different chain than where you stake.

In RADAR’s case, you can stake on Ethereum, and harvest your rewards on the BNB chain. Or the other way around. If you claim on the BNB chain, you face cheaper transaction costs. They offer this with LayerZero, an interoperability protocol. You can find more information in this article about cross-chain staking.

  • PRO — If you hold or stake more than 5,000 RADAR, you have access to the PRO section of DappRadar. For example, you have exclusive access to research and analysis. Or you find out about new collections before other users.

The picture below shows the current staking options with their APR.


Source: The DappRadar staking page

The DappRadar Wallet

DappRadar doesn’t have its own wallet. However, they do offer a portfolio function. In other words, you can connect your wallet to DappRadar, and it will track your digital assets. Your crypto coins and your NFTs. Currently, they do this for three chains, Ethereum, BNB, and Polygon.

This offers lots of different information. It breaks down this information into tokens or NFTs. From here, you can break it down into even more detailed information. For instance, which tokens do you hold, how many NFT collections do you own NFTs from, and more. There are five sections,

  • Tokens
  • NFTs
  • POAPs
  • NFT Financial view
  • Usage stats

All these individual sections tell you lots of detailed information. The picture below shows you the NFT financial view per collection.


Source: DappRadar wallet or portfolio


This is Part 2 of everything you need to know about DappRadar. We answered three popular questions, just as we did in Part 1. For a link to Part 1, see the top of this article.

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