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litecoin review

A Fundamental Analysis of Litecoin (LTC)

The Litecoin project was developed by computer scientist Charles Lee and other members of the Bitcoin community. The project was launched to address some...

Fundamental Analysis of the Hector Network

Hector Network has a growing DeFi community that is run by the HEC utility token and the TOR stablecoin. As mentioned earlier, there is a...
Learn About On-Chain Analysis

Learn About On-Chain Analysis

This article takes a look at on-chain analysis and how it can improve your crypto trading and investing. On-chain analysis (also called blockchain analysis) involves...

How to Read Charts to Know When to Sell/Buy Your Crypto

Have you ever seen a crypto chart and wondered if it was the right time to sell or buy crypto? Every trader has had...
When To Take Profits on your Bitcoin?

When and How To Take Profits on your Crypto Investment?

While the allure of substantial returns can be tempting, knowing when and how to take profits is crucial for safeguarding gains and optimizing long-term...
how to detect crypto gems with great potential

How to Detect Crypto Gems With Great Potential

To find crypto gems that can do 100x or 500x or more, you need to do research. Researching new projects also involves a fundamental...

How to Evaluate Crypto Projects?

The cryptocurrency industry has grown from being an obscure hobby among enthusiasts to disrupting the entire financial system. New investors have flocked to the...
Top 5 Tools to Maximize Crypto Rewards – Part 2

Top 5 Tools to Maximize Crypto Rewards – Part 2

There is a new saying that "data is the new gold." And your ability to analyze data could be the difference between profit and...
bitcoin bull market

Bitcoin BTC IS BACK to $23K! Is Crypto Turning Bullish?

Wow Wow Wow Bitcoin is up 35% in the last 15 days!! But in the last couple of months of this brutal bear market...
what kind of crypto trader you are

What Type of Trader Are You? Let’s Find Out!

Since the development of the first cryptocurrency, the number of cryptos available in the market has skyrocketed at a fast pace. Thanks to Bitcoin,...