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What Does Decentralized Social Media Look Like?

What Does Decentralized Social Media Look Like?

Lens Protocol is the newest take on the idea of decentralized social media Blockworks took a look at this Polygon-powered platform in an article published...

Which Web 3.0 Social Media Platforms Can Replace Meta?

Meta (formerly known as Facebook) is getting a lot of flak over its proposed plans to create a Metaverse. Widespread concerns are justified given...
uptrennd overview

Uptrennd Overview: The One-Up Social Media

Uptrennd is an incentive-based social media platform. It works similarly to how Facebook runs with a newsfeed. So, it also involves various communities and...
Jack Dorsey Envisions a Decentralized Social Media

Jack Dorsey Envisions a Decentralized Social Media

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey revealed plans to create an open standard for decentralized social media. Jack Dorsey divulged the plans for a decentralized social media...

Voice Social Media Platform set to Launch on EOS

They aim to create a transparent platform that does not use hidden or secret mechanisms to push adverts and other such content to unaware...

Russian Social Media Giant Launching Own Coin

VK, also known as the Facebook of Russia, wants to launch its Own Mineable Coins which will have various functions on their social media...

Which Blockchain-Based Social Media Platform Works For You?

The blockchain buzz is on. After the Cambridge Analytica scandal exposed the dangers of sharing your information on Facebook, more and more users are turning to decentralized...

Social Media Giants to Advance Blockchain Technologies and Create New Cryptocurrency 

This week two highly popular social medias Telegram and Facebook have unveiled major plans to enhance blockchain technologies, with Facebook potentially creating a new...
social tokens 2022

Top Social Tokens in 2022

Inclusion, transparency, and the complete elimination of third-party during financial transactions are some of the founding principles of the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. Since...
LunarCrush Launches LunarCrush Opinions

LunarCrush Adds New Social Feature LunarCrush Opinions™

Today, LunarCrush announces LunarCrush Opinions™. It is a new feature that will allow you to see how the community feels about the cryptocurrency market. LunarCrush...