Bringing you a round-up of the past week’s most important news from the blockchain gaming space. Many exciting new partnership announcements were made this week. 

All the links included in the article direct you to the official platforms and there are no referral links included.

Let’s begin the news summary in alphabetical order:


0xGames. a game studio with over 10 years of experience in game development and blockchain, partners with Arkane to bring about improvement on user experience in blockchain gaming.

Binance lab
Binance co-host a three-round global game hackathon with Cocos-BCX, Celer Network, Contentos, and Matic Network.

Cryptant Crab
Cryptant Crab is hosting a tournament with a 32Eth prize pool from August 26, 2019, to September 5, 2019. An advanced guide for players to prepare for the tournament has been made and more prizes have been added to the Battle Arena as well.

11.14million of soul burnt in Soul burn #9

2nd card sale from 6/8/2019-20/8/2019

Enjin platform/Games
  • A preview video of some NPC characters in the Age of Rust was uploaded to Twitter.
  • It takes $10 to make your own cryptocurrency at Beyond Horizon
  • ERC-1155 integration is on the way for Kriptomat
  • The Six Dragons partners with Blockchain Game Alliance
  • Alterverse released game info on how to make money in-game
  • Alterverse CEO talks about blockchain gaming in this podcast
  • Arena Match creates the world’s first deflationary eSports cryptocurrency
  • Kepithor Studios becomes the first to create a fully powered Enjin shop
  • Dragons from Kriptomat will be usable in Forgotten Artifacts
  • Kriptomat releases video to explain more about their blockchain rewards program
  • Space Misfits have officially announced their launch date for Alpha Season 1 to be after testing at the end of August.
Fuel games

Gods Unchained has released a balance update on 6/8/2019 in discord and also game updates and card changes in their blog. Also, Fuel games have undergone a name change to Immutable and will have a new company website. Gods Unchained has also unveiled their new game director, Chris Clay, who has worked previously for Magic The Gathering as their game director as well.


Hedgie is the official sponsors of the Futurist Conference and you can meet the Hedgie team in Toronto on August 13 & 14.

ITAM Games

The duration for ITAM & Dark Town page share event has been extended till 5/9/2019. Week 2 of ITAM platform updates have been released too.

75% discount on cats has ended and the current discount of 50% will end on 9th September. The beta version of NyanCat has been released as well.

Reality Clash
First official Reality Clash event organized in London on August 22, 2019.

Rhovit elaborates more about how ownership of items on Rhoam will bring more entertainment value to the platform.

Ugretia and Jplay will be co-launching Football King which will be the first 3D blockchain soccer game in the world.

The Unikrn wallet now accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum and many other coin deposits and users will be able to automatically convert them to UnikoinGold. UnikoinGold can be used for eSports betting, shopping and many more on Unikrn.

That’s a wrap for this week!
If you want a blockchain gaming platform to be on our radar kindly email us at [email protected] with the relevant information and we’ll be sure to keep an eye out for it!


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