ShardTalk: Interview with Head Developer from Toasty Leaf on Tale of Toast

ShardTalk is the gaming interview segment that connects our readers to people who are shaping the blockchain gaming space.

This episode of ShardTalk brings us an MMORPG from High Performance Blockchain. We are glad to have Fredrik, Co-founder of Toasty Leaf, in this interview. He is sharing with us more about Tale of Toast, which is currently in Beta.

Name: Tale of Toast
Quick info: Tale of Toast is one of the very first games of its kind to enjoy a blockchain integration. It is currently in its Beta phase with a full release planned for Q3 2020.

Q1: What was the inspiration behind the development of Tale of Toast?

Fredrik: We’ve always been big fans of MMORPGs and fantasy multiplayer games like Runescape Classic. Before Tale of Toast, I had spent five years working for Blizzard Entertainment during the launch of World of Warcraft. We basically felt old school MMORPGs were more fun and rewarding to play than the ones that kept popping up, and we wanted to recreate the sense of accomplishment you get completing tasks in these older games as well as the adrenaline rush you get when the risk-reward ratio is higher.

Q2: Could you share a little on what Tale of Toast is about?

Fredrik: The game is set in the fantasy land of Astaria. It’s a single zone with natural fields, forests, deserts, snowy peaks, and volcanoes. You can create your own character and travel to cities and towns, mines and dungeons. Players gravitate towards combat arenas and race tracks, and everyone can join events, raids and try different quests. You’ve got two playing modes that you can alter between depending on your current state of mind. In the more dangerous player-versus-player mode you risk serious setbacks like losing your loot. Your character can learn trade skills like mining, botany, carpentry, alchemy, cooking and many more. Objects created by players with a special skill are particularly powerful and helpful to your Guild when it wages wars with other guilds. HPB already has a guild, which is looking for other crypto tribes to fight.

Q3: How has HPB helped in the development of Tale of Toast?

Fredrik: We looked at multiple blockchains with cost, speed, and ease of integration in mind. Currently, we are testing storing encrypted gameplay statistics on the blockchain and HPB has very low transaction costs which make this possible. We like the 6 second verification time and HPB’s capacity to handle 10,000 transactions per second peak. We found HPB’s Unity Software Development Kit makes integration a lot easier.

So far, we’ve integrated HPB Wallet into the game so users can check their balance and transfer and receive HPB coins. 30,000+ HPB Coins are now available as in-game rewards, which means 2 million reward events. Players can earn HPB by defeating enemies or bosses, by looting chests or gathering materials. You can tip fellow players with HPB or you can swap earned HPB for Bitcoin on an exchange. Most players will buy “crumbs” which you need to buy things within the in-game shop.

Q4: I see Tale of Toast is currently in Beta. What are some of the ongoing events you have for the current players?

Fredrik: We have seasonal special events in place for Easter, Halloween, Christmas and New Year. There are also continually recurring events such as mount races, swimming races, and recurring in-game events in the combat arenas where you can gain special tokens exchangeable for rare mounts. We also add things like limited edition Pets from time to time, and there is currently one up for grabs in-game by completing a quest in the starting town.

Q5: Will players be able to keep their levels and items before the official launch?

Fredrik: Yes, all can be kept and now is a great chance to gain “experience.” The maximum level you can reach in each skill (including combat) is 64 and to get there is quite an accomplishment. So, we’ll ensure that everybody keeps anything gained during the beta testing.

Q6: What are some of the cool items/equipment that players can acquire?

Fredrik: Players can buy vanity gear, pets, name changes, character redesigns and fireworks from the in-game shop. There’s a 20% discount for using HPB. In-game, we have thousands of items available for players to obtain such as mounts, weapons, armor, and potions.

Q7: Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

Fredrik: We plan to use HPB’s Hardware Random Number Generator functionality to ensure a 100% fair loot that players can subsequently verify. We are also looking to add HRC-721 tokens for in-game collectibles with the ability to trade those with HPB via an auction house. We also intend new use cases for HPB in-game, like players using HPB coins to take part in races and other competitions where the winner receives the pot.

We’re still experimenting with blockchain and hope players will suggest other ways we can make the most of it. We always respond to constructive ideas, so when one player asked if his character could run around with a piece of toast in its mouth, we came up with a funny idea and made it possible.

HPB integration
Integration of High-Performance Blockchain brings wallet, rewards and statistics to the 3D MMORPG Tale of Toast.

Tale of Toast

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