DeFi Land

DeFi Land is a web-based multi-chain agriculture simulation game designed to make decentralized finance more fun. The game developers said that the game will include all of the features found on traditional platforms but in one convenient location. DeFi Land, the third most popular game on Solana, plans to gamify the DeFi space by turning investment activities into games.

DeFi Land intends to roll out a new breed of Play-and-Earn game on May 18th at 8 PM UTC. Even though the current DeFi Land ecosystem does not include any play-to-earn components, it has amassed over 7,500 daily active users who seek pleasure while operating their farms. The unveiling of the Play-and-Earn features comes after a collaboration between DeFi Land and STEPN.

The DeFi Land gaming community has been gaining traction over the last few weeks. Its original implementation, which did not include monetary rewards, received a lot of positive feedback from the blockchain gaming community. It also helped the farming game become the third-largest game in terms of market capitalization. Furthermore, the game remains the first gamification project created on Solana.

P2E Feature to Bring More Growth to DeFI Land

DeFi Land has other accomplishments to its credit. It has attained a positive overall ranking, kudos to 7,500 DAU and 25,000 MAU. However, many expect things to heat up as DeFi Land’s team anticipates the inclusion of its unique Play-and-Earn game features. In addition, players can perform a series of actions and experience even more fun following the launch. Users can shoot, fish, drive harvesters, farm, care for pets, and so on.

DeFi Land has immense potential to emerge as a leading and accessible Play-and-Earn game. Farming games are not new to the gaming ecosystem. Almost everyone encounters them in their daily online interactions. So, DeFi Land users can expect further growth and acceleration following the launch.

The Reward Mechanism

Rewards will now be a huge part of the gaming adventure with this P2E launch. As per incentives, players will receive the native $DFL token as well as the new in-game currency, $GOLDY. Furthermore, these currencies play a huge role in the gaming platform. Players can use them to socialize with other players, repair, craft, and perform upgrades on their in-game NFTs.

These in-game NFTs were greatly successful on launch day. The collection sold out in 16 seconds, raising $1.75 million. Additionally, it has recently seen a 2.5x price floor rise across OpenSea and Magic Eden. These NFTs are vital for general gameplay. Players must own a DeFi Land Gen-0 NFT to use the Play-and-Earn features.

However, DeFi Land is accessible without any initial funds. Players can earn XP and climb the leaderboard in the free mode to compete for monthly prizes such as DFL, GOLDY, and in-game NFTs. DeFi Land’s free-to-play model gives it an enhanced The community’s support for having played without any incentives demonstrates the game’s long-term viability.

DeFi Land has outlined plans to explore a multi-chain future in the months ahead. The platform is eyeing more chain integration announcements in June. Finally, an alpha mobile version of the game is undergoing development. Users can expect this version in Q3 2022.

$DFL Price

As of this writing, $DFL trades at $0.011534.It has a 24-hour trading volume of $192,952.  DeFi Land is down 4.71% in the last 24 hours. Its current CoinMarketCap ranking is #798. In addition, the $DFL token has a live market cap of $10,415,150 and a circulating supply of 903,000,000 DFL coins. Its maximum supply is 9,774,000,000 DFL coins.

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