Avalanche news march week 3

Avalanche has enjoyed a blistering performance since the year began, and March has been one of its best months. To increase its userbase, Avalanche welcomed multiple new projects and struck a series of partnerships to further its community.

As the Avalanche community prepares for its Barcelona summit in a few days, the scalable blockchain platform recently witnessed some updates. Here are some of the key events that took place on Avalanche during the third week of March 2022

1) Defy Trends Expands to Avalanche

Defy Trends, an AI-powered analytics platform, announced its plans to expand to Avalanche. The platform, which uses 1M+ sources of data, will offer its users a chance to earn from their research contribution and learning about crypto. To evaluate sentiment, Defy Trends uses both on-chain and off-chain data, including monitoring viral social media channels like Reddit and Twitter.

Furthermore, Defy Trends intends to assist traders and investors in making more informed investment decisions based on statistics.

Imge Su Cetin, CEO of Defy Trends, noted that the platform chose Avalanche’s network due to its fast contract and low fees for its users. He said: “is attractive for our users, as our audience is mainstream crypto adopters who are looking for tools that can be used in a simplified way, at low cost.”

Finally, Defy Trends is currently accepting beta testers. The project will be completely operational at the end of Q2 2022.

2) Wildlife Studio Signs for the Multiverse Program

Avalanche announced its Multiverse initiative last week, and several projects seem interested in the scheme. Wildlife Studios is one of the world’s foremost game developers. The gaming platform announced plans to branch into Web3 gaming by launching on Avalanche. As a result, players of its hit game, Castle Crush, will enjoy a series of benefits and opportunities.

Also, one of the product directors at Wildlife Studios, Fernando Sette, explained why the game developers chose to launch on Avalanche’s network: “The high performance and deeply customizable nature of Avalanche has removed the obstacles to making Web3 games that excite, intrigue, and engage our players.”

Wildlife studios will capitalize on Avalanche’s features to improve the overall gamer’s experience. Castle Crush players can now use trade and sell cards and earn from them. Ava Labs President John Wu believes subnets would advance blockchain gaming, and Castle Crush will be a prime example.

3) Steakwallet Launches Liquid Avax Staking Via Benqi

In a recent announcement on its Twitter page, Steakwallet announced that its users can now natively liquid stake AVAX via BENQI and gain access to AVAX staking rewards. Steakwallet is a mobile version of the next-generation multi-chain self-custodial Web 3 wallet. The platform aims to provide its users with a single location to manage all of their assets across chains.

Also, Steakwallet claims to provide better economic security for Avalanche since its users can stake in a few steps. In addition, the platform noted that users who stake AVAX would help secure the PoS Avalanche network while using their sAVAX to participate in the DeFi community.

4) Lost Worlds to Offer Location-Based NFTs

The Avalanche Summit is only a stone’s throw away, and several projects are fully prepared to participate in the experience. Lost Worlds is introducing NFTs to the Barcelona summit in a unique way. The platform said it has teamed up with over thirty well-known AVAX projects to disburse over 900 NFTs. Moreover, Lost Worlds aims to utilize location-based NFTs to highlight the current progress on Avalanche’s network.

Avalanche projects will disperse NFTs across different locations for users to mint. Additionally, users can mint these NFTs during the summit. Finally, some of these NFTs can be like redeemable vouchers.

AVAX Price Outlook

As of writing this article, AVAX trades at $79.90. Furthermore, it has a 24-hour trading volume of $1,3 billion and a marketcap of $21.2 billion. Avalanche is up 4.2% in the last 24 hours.

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