These modifications are a part of Binance’s larger effort to provide the greatest platform user experience.

Let’s discover more about this important milestone:

Binance is Improving its User Experience 

To keep with this goal, the Binance product team spent two months going over and evaluating thousands of direct user-submitted product proposals. It was via its Feature Request & Feedback Board.

So, Binance verified 649 proposals with the product team. These recommendations provided Binance with insightful information as it moves forward to launch the next generation of products.

They are centered around the demands of users. There are important improvements and changes carried out in September and October 2023 consisting of:

  • Improved User Dashboards

The primary dashboard’s new design makes it possible for customers to get all of the crucial account information in one location. With new features that make order execution, performance tracking, and personalization much simpler, Binance Futures Leaderboard 5.0 is also currently available.

  • Trading Bots Enhancements

Utilizing technology can provide users with a trading advantage. To assist customers in making automated trading decisions, Binance has expanded its trading bot capabilities to include a more comprehensive analysis, a margin restrictions option, and a display of candlestick charts.

  • Funding Fee History Refinements

Copy traders can now check their financing costs directly on their copy trading overview page. The goal is to have a more thorough overview of their copy trading account.

  • Enhanced Futures Trading Experience

To make PNL (profit and loss) analysis easier for users, two additional graphs have been included. The Asset Growth graph displays the user’s balance over time as a line graph, whereas the Asset Summary graph displays all of the user’s holdings as a pie chart. Additionally, users can conduct Good-till-Date (GTD) orders, which enable them to select an expiration date and duration for an order’s continued functionality.

More About Binance’s Policy About User Experience

Also, Binance has updated several other parts of its product suite for the website and mobile app. This is driven by its goal of enhancing financial freedom.

In a Binance Blog article published last month, Binance’s Founder and CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) shared: “Although we’ve grown a lot from our early days, I’ve never looked at Binance as a finished product. We’re continuously refining our suite of features and products based on our observations of where we see the industry might be going, and based on [users’] experiences and needs as well. Our philosophy of user-driven innovation and change is what propels us and our industry forward.”

Finally, Binance intends to introduce and roll out more enhanced features for its consumers in the upcoming weeks and months. Keep an eye out for the weekly updates on the company’s official social media channels for the most recent changes to Binance’s product suite. The Binance Blog will also provide monthly summaries of #BinanceBuild.

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