Crypto Trader Urges Investors to Buy Bitcoin in the Next 2 Weeks

The crypto market could be somewhat predictable, according to Rekt Capital, a popular crypto expert. As the much-awaited Bitcoin halving draws near, Rekt believes the next two weeks present a final opportunity for investors to buy Bitcoin at “bargain buying.”

The pseudonymous trader offered an in-depth analysis of the development of Bitcoin to his over 300,000 followers on X.

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Rekt claims that the market development around Bitcoin occurs in five stages. The first three stages occur before the halving.

Rekt pointed out that prior Bitcoin halvings have frequently been followed by a sharp decline that produced significant profits for investors, adding that 2024 appears to be no different. He expects a pre-halving rally to commence in February.

Rekt predicts a two-week time frame during which Bitcoin could be expected to have another large pullback, pointing out that the cryptocurrency had seen an approximately 18% retreat in January.

According to the prominent trader, “Any retrace during this period likely represents one of the final bargain-buying opportunities for Bitcoin in the pre-halving period.” Following this 2-week window, Rekt predicts that Bitcoin could enter a pre-halving rally, which he claims will occur 60 days before the Bitcoin rally. 

Shown as a light blue phase, investors embrace the “Buy the Hype, Sell the News” strategy during this period. Short-term traders come for the hype before the halving but end up “selling the news” shortly before the actual halving. 

Rekt refers to the “sell the news” phase as the “pre-halving retrace.” It allegedly occurs one to three weeks before the actual halving. Interestingly, historical data seems to corroborate these claims. The weeks leading up to the halving in 2016 had a 38% price decline, while in 2020 there was a 20% decline.

The Final Phase

Rekt concludes that the pre-halving retrace is accompanied by the multi-month re-accumulation stage (red). He notes that this phase can extend up to 150 days. Rekt explains that a lot of investors can have difficulties during this time due to boredom, frustration, and dissatisfaction with the early post-halving outcomes.

However, Bitcoin heads straight to the green zone after this phase. The green zone is where it enjoys rapid growth and could hit an all-time high. It is important to note that not all critics agree with Rekt’s narrative. Some claim that Bitcoin halving is not an accurate metric for judging price action. 

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