Top Crypto News: 03/26

After undergoing a sharp correction and hitting a daily low of $50,976, Bitcoin is trading at $54,792. Meanwhile, the second-largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum, is trading close to $1,696.

Let’s find out some interesting crypto news for today.

Bondly Finance Teams up With Globe Photos to Launch NFTs of Unique & Iconic Images

Bondly Finance partnered with Globe Photos to deliver some of the most iconic and unique images as NFTs. Globe Photos holds one of the world’s largest collections of iconic and pop lifestyle photography ranging from the 1930s to today. It comprises more than 15 million pictures taken by different photographers from around the world. Further, this collection includes major movie stars and musicians such as Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Frank Sinatra, and many more. As Globe owns many of these historic art images, with this coalition, Bondly will mint and release some of the these rare and iconic images as NFTs. Additionally, these NFTs will go public in different tiers, and each set of photos has a story connected to it.

Dusk Network | Harmony Partnership to Create Industry-Grade Zero-Knowledge Proof System

Dusk Network collaborated with Harmony to create the first industry-grade zero-knowledge proof system. As per the tweet, the Harmony team will build on PLONK to develop zk-light clients. Moreover, PLONK is an advanced and user-friendly library to create future-proof use cases. It increases the block synchronization times and enhances cross-chain bridges and mobile support. Dusk Network is a privacy blockchain that aims to secure capital and trade assets while providing a broad spectrum of financial services. Besides this, companies can issue tokens and collaborate via smart contracts using the Dusk Network blockchain. Collectively, the team would work on the scaling of the Ethereum ecosystem and enhance the cross-chain bridge.

Elrond Network Joins Hands With GamyFi Platform to Explore Blockchain Gaming

Elrond entered the fantasy sports world with the GamyFi platform. The reality today is that NFTs and the gaming industry are exploding nowadays. With this amalgamation, GamyFi will deploy its fantasy sports games to the Elrond mainnet. Elrond is the internet-scale blockchain designed to process 15,000 transactions per second (TPS) at negligible cost. Therefore, games such as fantasy football, rugby, and cricket will utilize Elrond’s high throughput and inexpensive transactions to empower the users. GamyFi is a blockchain-based eSports platform where gamers and sports fans can earn rewards by sharing their knowledge. With this collaboration, Elrond will explore the gaming vertical and increase its exposure to millions of gamers worldwide.

NFT Tech Taps Orion Protocol to Empower Users With NFT Asset Oracle

NFT Tech partnered with Orion Protocol to enhance the NFT space. Orion Protocol is one of the leading trading terminals which provides a single interface to access crypto assets from various venues. With this union, NFT Tech will develop its first NFT Oracle while utilizing Orion’s rich historical and real-time data. Moreover, NFT Oracle will evaluate different factors of the NFT creator, such as creation and trading history, to safeguard users from loss. To boost this technology, Orion Protocol will supply information such as price history, trading volume, and NFT launch time. Further, to provide more liquidity and higher efficiency, this NFT Oracle will operate in combination with the NFT Tech Liquidity Engine. Additionally, to empower users, this NFT Tech Liquidity Engine would incentivize market makers while elevating the NFT marketplace.

Ocean | Boson Protocol Collaboration to Enhance Web3 Ecosystem

Ocean has collaborated with Boson Protocol for the development of the Web3 ecosystem. Boson Protocol aims to facilitate a decentralized commerce ecosystem and automates digital to physical redemptions through tokenization. This integration provides users privacy and gets incentivized to do so. Further, the team will utilize Boson Protocol to enable decentralized commerce transactions. As Ocean Protocol intends to strengthen the Web3 Data Economy by providing control back to data owners. Hence, this integration helps buyers and sellers to realize the importance of commerce data. Additionally, Ocean data tokens will utilize crypto wallets, exchanges, and other DeFi tools to foster the Web3 Data Economy.

World’s Second Largest Art Museum, the Hermitage, Will Host NFT Art Exhibition

In the last section, we have innovative crypto news from the NFT space where Russia’s State Hermitage Museum announced it will host an NFT art exhibition. Moreover, this news will uplift the NFT space and fuel the present NFT mania. The State Hermitage Museum is the second-largest art museum in the world, which now has plans to host a digital art exhibition, including non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This exhibition will be held as part of the Hermitage 20/21 Project and will become the first exhibition research in Russia in the field of NFT art tokens. In addition, the Hermitage’s contemporary art department will organize this exhibition in strategic partnership with the Aksenov Family Foundation. Further, the purpose of many of this foundation’s projects is to analyze the forms of audience involvement in new cultural practices.

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