Top Crypto News: 04/08

After making a daily low of $55,565, Bitcoin is now trading at $58,080. Meanwhile, Binance Coin is holding the third position tightly and, after entering an all-time high territory, is now trading close to $418.

Let’s deep dive into some interesting crypto news today.

1 – Harmony Protocol Launched SushiSwap on Its Network to Boost DeFi Ecosystem

Harmony Protocol announced the launch of one of the top decentralized exchanges (DEX), SushiSwap. Moreover, Harmony is a sharding protocol that provides a trustless Ethereum bridge. As per the tweet, now users can enjoy SushiSwap on the Harmony network with low gas fees and fast transaction speeds. Further, users can also enjoy SushiSwap features by connecting through the Harmony network. These features include the swapping of tokens, the ability of users to provide liquidity to SushiSwap on Harmony by selecting pools, and more.

2 – PAID Network | Binance Smart Chain Bridge to Enhance dApp & Fix High Gas Fees Issues

PAID Network announced the integration of Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to empower users with diversified features. As per the tweet, this bridge will support projects to launch on Ignition within the BSC ecosystem. Moreover, this is a PAID Business dApp that will feature the IDO on PancakeSwap. Further, this bridge would increase interoperability and reduce Ethereum’s high gas fee issues. Besides this, BSC users can utilize PAID Network for SMART Agreements. Additionally, this would allow users to purchase through Uniswap or PancakeSwap, while being able to mint a BEP20 version of the PAID token.

Notably, PAID Network also partnered with KardiaChain to expand blockchain adoption among traditional businesses. KardiaChain is a blockchain platform that offers blockchain-related solutions for both governments and private enterprises. Collaboratively, the team would work for the mass adoption of blockchain. In addition, they work with diversified organizations to explore possibilities of blockchain adoption. PAID’s Ethereum source code will be integrated with KardiaChain to provide a swift ecosystem to entice users.


3 – ARPA Taps Amazon Web Services (AWS) to Enhance Computation Security

ARPA secure computation nodes integrate with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide an engine for secure computation. With this integration, users can safeguard their customized applications and design them in a secure computation method. ARPA enables cryptographically private smart contracts with data-at-use privacy protection, in addition to scaling computational sharding. Hence, this empowers ARPA multi-party computation by Amazon Web Services, which will induce mass adoption.

4 – AllianceBlock | Ava Labs Collaboration to Bridge Institutional Finance With DeFi

AllianceBlock collaborated with Ava Labs to explore decentralized and institutional finance. With this coalition, users can enjoy AllianceBlock’s investment and financial services on Avalanche. Moreover, these services include P2P financial services, NFT capabilities, analytics, and more. AllianceBlock aims to develop the first globally compliant decentralized capital market. Hence, this would help to grow both the platforms while bridging decentralized and institutional finance.

5 – Polkamon Teams up With Elrond to Launch Its NFT Collectibles on Elrond Network

In the last bit of crypto news for today, we have Polkamon joining forces with Elrond to launch its NFT collectibles on Elrond Network. Moreover, each Polkamon is backed by a unique NFT that is unpacked with its native ERC-20 tokens named $PMON. With this collaboration, players will enjoy high transaction speeds with low-cost transfer fees. Besides this, a rare Elrond Unidragon has been included in the Polkamon booster packs, just waiting to be discovered by players. Additionally, this will unlock the newly innovative NFT space for the Elrond ecosystem to foster its adoption.

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