After making a daily low of $33,732, Bitcoin is now trading at $34,750.11. Meanwhile, Altcoins are looking strong and the second-largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum, is trading close to $2,365.71.

Let’s deep dive into some interesting crypto news for today.

1- Taps Historic Partnership With UFC has announced to become the global official fight kit partner of UFC. UFC is the world’s premier mixed martial arts organization (MMA), with over 625 million fans, and 155 million social media followers. As per the tweet, now place their branding on UFC fight kits worn by UFC athletes in any competition.

Impressively, will also receive the designation of UFC’s first-ever official cryptocurrency platform partner, which is a new sponsorship category for UFC. Besides this, will also be integrated into UFC content on both linear and digital platforms. Additionally, it also includes live broadcasts, Pay-Per-Views, and UFC-owned social media channels. is one of the fastest-growing crypto apps, along with the Visa card, exchange, and DeFi wallet. Hence, this will expand its relationship with mainstream consumers.

2- The World’s Leading Cryptocurrency Exchange Binance Completed 4th Year

The world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance today completed its 4th year. On this occasion, Binance CEO, CZ, has explained the journey of his exchange over the last four years. He emphasized the regulatory framework and trading policies followed by the exchange to secure users’ funds. He also stated about the future regulations and adoption of cryptocurrency in different countries.

In addition to this, CZ also mentioned about Binance charity program, and how it helped in the COVID-19 Pandemic situation. Recently, Binance burned $595 Million worth of BNB tokens on the 15th token burn. Moreover, this was the largest coin burn to date, and it has surged BNB price from $37.39 to a high of over $600 since January. The Binance team is most likely preparing for the 16th quarterly BNB coin burn.

3- Shiden Secures Third Parachain Slot on Kusama

Shiden has announced to secure the third parachain slot on Kusama. Moreover, Shiden is a smart contract platform for Kusama-based DApps, which offers multi-chain support for Ethereum Virtual Machine, and WebAssembly-based contracts. In addition, it offers Layer 2 solutions, which improve the network’s scalability, and transaction speeds. As stated, Shiden won this auction with a total amount of 137,020 KSM bonded worth roughly $29 million at current prices.

Notably, Parachain auctions allow projects to compete for one of Kusama’s 100 parachains. These auctions are conducted through a crowd loan where projects participants agree to lock KSM toward their parachain bid in exchange for governance tokens. The team has plans to reveal the participant’s details in the near future.

Shiden Wins The Third Kusama Parachain Slot Auction

4- Lossless Protocol Launched Its Liquidity Farm With 451% APY

Lossless Protocol has declared to launch its Liquidity farm on Unicrypt. Unicrypt is the industry leader in DeFi protocol for liquidity locking. The team has allocated 400,000 $LSS for the liquidity providers. Interestingly, Liquidity farm offers 451% APY to its users.

Lossless offers a DeFi hack mitigation tool for token creators through various methods of fraud identification. It automatically reverses any stolen tokens while detecting hackers and fake transactions. Additionally, Liquidity Providers will receive the basic 0.3% exchange fee provided by Uniswap. Furthermore, providers also receive $LSS rewards for providing $LSS-ETH LP tokens on the Lossless Farm. Consequently, this Liquidity farm would entice more users.

5- Splinterlands Rental System Is Live Now

Our last bit of crypto news for today includes Splinterlands, whose Rental system is now live. With this launch users can now rent and lease Splinterlands cards using smart contracts. As stated, this new system allows cards to be rented through the Splinterlands site on a daily basis for Dark Energy Crystals. The initial rental prices of cards are extremely reasonable to anyone.

Interestingly, players can now experiment with a wide range of cards as long as they have a small pile of Dark Energy Crystals to pay for the daily rentals. Splinterlands is a collectible trading card game powered by blockchain technology. As such, this Rental system will entice more gamers and uplift the gaming industry.

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