EOSIO Virtual Hackathon

Prominent blockchain software publisher, has announced May 1 as the launch date of its EOSIO virtual hackathon tagged ” Coding for Change”.

According to an official blog post, the EOSIO virtual hackathon challenge will continue for the next month until June 1. And one of the aims of the hackathon would be to amass blockchain-based solutions. These would be crucial to address the challenges expected to follow the current onslaught of the global pandemic.

The blog post further pointed out that the hackathon could help formulate effective solutions. It would also serve as a support system to communities majorly affected by COVID-19. Essentially this corresponds to a growing perception that blockchain technology is likely the major solution source for the post-COVID-19 world and economy.

Blockchain-based solutions in a post-COVID-19 world

Coronavirus and the ensuing pandemic crisis has severely impacted our lives. On top of that, it has exposed the vulnerability and drawbacks of many of our traditional systems. believes the launch of its EOSIO virtual hackathon to be a significant step. It would help involve the community and engage them in coming up with solutions.

“The blockchain community is passionate about using technology to make the world a more safe, productive, and enjoyable place. […] We hope the EOSIO Virtual Hackathon will inspire increased ingenuity and lead to novel new solutions”.

Moreover, expressed the intention to lead a combined effort to build digital infrastructures accessible to all, especially in the face of a crisis.

While Coronavirus continues to ravage, the blockchain space has been a major front in the fight against the pandemic. Many donations and charitable funds have come from top firms and influencers in the blockchain and crypto space like Binance, Ripple, Jack Dorsey of Twitter. has, however, taken the fight a notch higher, looking towards ensuring a quick return to normalcy post-COVID-19.

Incidentally, blockchain technology use has also crept into the fight with the pandemic crisis itself. In the recently held 2-day virtual BlockDown 2020 conference, Jorge Sebastiao, CTO Eco-System Huawei Technologies, spoke of several such blockchain applications.

Details of the hackathon

So, the hackathon “Coding for Change” will commence on Friday, May 1, and is expected to last for one month. Designers, innovators, engineers, entrepreneurs, experts, and anyone with an idea are welcome to participate. According to, the winner of this hackathon will receive $100,000. Judges include CEO, Brendan Blumer, CTO Dan Larimer and Head of Developer Relations Serg Metelin. External judges will include respected blockchain influencers Ivan Liljeqvist, founder of the Ivan on Tech academy, and OnChain Capital CEO Ran Neu Ner.

For more details on the hackathon, check out here.

Speaking on the launch, head of developer relations, Serg Metelin, said: “This will not be the last crisis we face, so our goal is to solve for the future by focusing on what we’re learning now”.

He added that although the hackathon was a contest, the present circumstances warranted considerable cooperation between participants. Everyone, he felt, had a common goal to tackle the present challenges brought about by the pandemic.

Metelin stated, “We’ve seen it previously at the EOSIO Global Hackathon series and expect even more so at this Virtual Hackathon.” recently invested $150 million in its social media platform, Voice. Earlier, it had acquired EOS New York core developers merging their roles with the parent firm.


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