NFT Marketplace Ucollex Raises USD $10 Million

NFT platform Ucollex concluded a seed round valuing them at USD $110 million.

Developer Animoca Brands led the way during the $10 million raise for the Hong Kong-based NFT platform. In an article published by Forbes, this innovative NFT marketplace announced the raise. Ucollex creates unique digital collectibles for toy/pop culture brands. Moreover, they combine these items with community-focused features, like virtual artwork battles. Additional investment in this round included MCP IPX One Fund. This was from the Japanese investment firm MCP Asset Management.

Ucollex’s main attraction is its anime and pop culture illustrations from popular artists. With no need for a crypto wallet, Ucollex is lowering the barrier to entry into NFT collecting. Furthermore, Animoca Brands is looking to bring them under its investment umbrella of over 150 different blockchain startups.

According to the Ucollex website:

“We’re an innovative collectibles platform merging the physical collectibles market with digital asset creation offering a more immersive collectable experience”.

Ucollex Creates a Physical and Digital World Crossover

Animoca Brand’s investment into Ucollex is a signal for a trend unfolding in front of our eyes. The crossover between physical and digital ownership is inevitable. In short, the lines are even starting to blur.

First of all, Adidas has partnered with BAYC to essentially mint an NFT version of soon-to-be redeemable clothing for holders. Also, Nike airdropped MNLTH boxes to CloneX holders. These will likely contain something similar to the Adidas drop. Similarly, Puma partnered with the Gutter Cat Gang to drop further “phigital” items to holders. The crossover between the real world and the metaverse is happening right now and it’s no secret.

According to a statement from Animoca co-founder Yat Sifu, this partnership will “make it easier for intellectual properties to participate in the metaverse.” As more brands are looking to enter this space, there will be companies needed to make this entrance easy. In conclusion, Ucollex is providing exactly this to brands, and Animoca is betting on the future of this adoption.

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