PegaSys Ethereum Suite Added to Microsoft’s Azure Marketplace

A partnership between two founding members of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) will be bringing PegaSys Ethereum suite to the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

According to ConsenSys, the partnership with Microsoft that will enable developers access tools needed to manage a full-scale Enterprise Ethereum network via Microsoft’s Azure marketplace.

The Ethereum development studio in its press release noted that developers would be able to access the PegaSys Ethereum Suite through the Azure Marketplace to build private networks and operate on the Ethereum mainnet.

Notably, the PegaSys Ethereum Suite, which includes Hyperledger Besu, PegaSys Plus, and PegaSys Orchestrate, will help developers deploy multi-node networks with blockchain explorers, monitoring, and dashboards.

Additionally, the principal program manager of blockchain engineering for Microsoft, Yorke E. Rhodes III, expressed his happiness towards the new offering.

He said, “Microsoft would continue to advance the enterprise quality and tooling for blockchain networks.” Adding that blockchain development is core to serving the needs of customers using Azure.

Notably, the Microsoft Azure Marketplace is like an app store for developers. Where they can purchase software licenses or sample products that help them build their tools.

Users embracing the PegaSys Suite

The general public has well received the PegaSys Ethereum Suite. According to Dan Heyma, a member of the PegaSys team, there have already been over 130,000 downloads of the suite. In addition to over 200 enterprise networks built with Besu.

Heyman noted that the addition of suite to the marketplace wouldn’t only increase visibility but also improve developers’ experience.

“Our close collaboration with Microsoft improves our performance on Azure as well as lays the foundation for deeper collaboration on future Ethereum offerings,” he said.

PegaSys is the protocol engineering group at ConsenSys. Which is also the Brooklyn, New York-based firm known for incubating Ethereum projects.

Long-lasting partnership

ConsenSys and Microsoft have been in partnership for a long time now. Both software companies have been together since the first Visual Studio plug-in for Solidity in 2016.

They also partnered in the forming of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance. To create the very enterprise Ethereum client specification that Hyperledger Besu uses.

Notably, Hyperledger Besu is an open-source Ethereum client written in Java’s programming language.

Microsoft recently launched a new crypto initiative that enables the crypto mining system performs online functions. The initiative also aims to make use of search engines, chatbots and reading ads. Through involuntary body activities like brain waves and body heat.

Also, last year tech giant Microsoft got into the cryptocurrency space by partnering with leading blockchain gaming platform, Enjin. Microsoft launched its very own reward system ERC1155 collectibles and introduced Azure Heroes with Enjin to create a blockchain-based recognition program.


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