Pornhub Finalize Integration with PumaPay PullPayment Protocol

Popular adult entertainment site, Pornhub is working to integrate Pumapay a crypto coin as a payment platform for its subscribers.

The payment solution was live on the site this week after over a year when the partnership was made known.

With the new payment solution, Pornhub believes it is more user-friendly. Also, it will improve crypto payment option on the site as verge and Tether. The only crypto payment options are not well patronized.

According to Andrew Fenton, a journalist, traditional payment has not been as successful in the porn industry as it should. The same could be said about crypto coins.

However, it adds other advantages. Verge, for example, after two years when it was made a payment option captured just 1 percent of the payment. PumaPay’s Pull Protocol, which allows frequent subscriptions for the premium service, aims to change the pattern.

Pornhub VP, Corey Price, said, “The site’s 100 million daily guests want options and security when it comes to payments. With a hike in crypto adoption, adding PumaPay to the list of crypto, Pornhub caters for millions of holders around the world.”

Pumapay reacts to pornhub integration

Pumapay CEO, Yoav Dror in an interview said that “The PullPay Protocol is exclusive. He said that it inverts the mechanics of a typical blockchain transaction.

Instead of the customer ‘pushing’ the funds to the merchant, PumaPay’s Protocol allows the merchant to ‘pull’ the funds from the customer’s wallet, based on pre-approved terms.”

According to him, it permits billing models that are more appropriate for industries such as the sex entertainment sector including recurring expenses, account top-ups, and even pay-per-time.

“Also, by inverting the transaction and having the merchant as the originator of the transaction, the fees for the transaction are paid by the merchant. This is how credit cards work, merchants pay for processing transactions, and customers don’t have to worry.” Dror said.


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