Quant Network (QNT) Review - Conclusion
This article is the conclusion of a series of articles as well as a video review that we published about the Quant Network (QNT).

A proper review of any cryptocurrency project involves examining a variety of factors. The aspects of Quant Network which Altcoin Buzz published about already are listed below. This article will be a summary of those previous pieces.

CEO & Team
QNT Utility & Tokenomics
Quant Network’s Products | Overledger
Overview & Partnerships

Below is the video review of the Quant Network.

The Team

Previously, we discussed the double-edged sword regarding the majority of the old Quant Network team being replaced by new members. On the one hand, it raises unanswered questions as to why exactly these old team members left or were let go. On the other hand, it’s natural and even logical to hire new talent in a fast-growing company with ever-changing needs.

The founder, Gilbert Verdian, has extensive blockchain experience and contacts and has been working to make Quant Network grow for 5 years. His relevant experience, contacts, and commitment to this project represent a strong advantage.

QNT Tokenomics

The tokenomics of QNT are excellent when compared to many other projects. The majority of the tokens to ever be issued are already circulating. Also, the team has a relatively small percentage of these tokens. In addition, there is no inflation with a fixed supply of 14,612,493 QNT tokens.

QNT Use Case

quant network review conclusionThe QNT token is required for usage of the Quant Network and Overledger operating system. Any enterprise that wants to experiment with and harness the power of interoperability with blockchains will be required to use QNT tokens to do so. Further information regarding the details of how these QNT tokens can be used is yet to be revealed.

Quant Network Partnerships

Quant Network has collaborations with over 300 organizations, according to an admin from the Quant Network Telegram group. The issue with their partnerships is that we may never know exactly which enterprises or organizations they have partnerships with due to NDA agreements these organizations may demand. That being said, they have announced a number of partners, including one with SIA, which is their most notable one.


There is no shortage of competition when it comes to interoperability between blockchains. That being said, Quant Network regularly announce new partnerships and new hires and has a dedicated community of supporters. If they keep up the way they have been recently, they have a good chance of maintaining a competitive edge. In addition, their interoperability solution is exceptionally easy for enterprises to adopt, unlike many of their competitors. This offers them a unique competitive advantage.


In terms of the strengths of Quant Network, the founder has extensive experience and a wide range of contacts who could be invaluable. In addition, the team has secured over 300 organizations with which to collaborate, many of which are at the enterprise level. Another strong point for QNT is that the team behind this altcoin has a big vision. They also have working products that are ready for enterprises to use. One or two successful enterprise solutions could have a massive impact on the QNT price. The ease of which their solutions and products can be implemented by enterprises gives Quant Network an edge over its competitors. Finally, QNT tokenomics are exceptionally favorable for investors.




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