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Bit Hotel is a social blockchain-based Metaverse game (free-to-earn). The game utilizes Bit Hotel Coin as its in-game currency.

The General Manager of Altcoin Buzz, Anindya (Ani) Baidya, anchored the Bit Hotel AMA session on our Telegram channel with Bit Hotel’s COO Leon Lanen, CMO Bengt B, and CFO Dominic C. The AMA took place on December 17th, 2021.

Below is a recap of the AMA session with Leon Lanen, Bengt B, and Dominic C to understand what the game is about. The AMA was in three segments: introduction, deep dive, and community questions and answers.

Segment 1: Introduction to Bit Hotel

Background Information
Q – To start with, tell us about your company. How was the concept of Bit Hotel created?

Dominic – We see a huge gap in the market when it comes to social & community aspects of the blockchain. Currently, the only viable options are either Discord or Telegram; this mainly has to do with both the anonymity and accessibility that those platforms have. It is no surprise that we are currently holding this AMA on Telegram.

However, we are not able to express our authenticity, we all have very cool online usernames and profile pictures, but there is no immersive audiovisual component that does justice to our individuality. The majority of the demographic using the blockchain belongs to generation Y, who grew up with those classic 8-bit graphics.

In the Bit Hotel Metaverse, we try to give every user individuality and an in-game identity within that 8-bit nostalgic charm. Practically, users will be able to purchase NFT characters & rooms, in which they can invite their friends, host small gatherings and use as their own personal social hub. They will be able to decorate their rooms with furniture, NFT artwork, and other artifacts.

We will also be selling conference rooms/clubhouses to DAOs and communities; in which one could host AMA’s, organize IDOs, and other communal activities. Only members with custom NFT characters will have exclusive access to their particular conference room.

Bit Hotel will also be a framework, on which established companies will be able to host their ground-breaking technology and create a collaborative process with interoperability between projects as that is the beauty of blockchain. We want to make Bit Hotel as accessible as possible, our Metaverse will therefore be mobile compatible too.

Leon –Bit Hotel

That indeed would sum up the origin of the Hotel!

Segment 2: Deep Dive

About The Metaverse
Q – Bit Hotel is a Social Metaverse where the space of each individual is converted into rooms. Is there a definite supply of rooms, or they are unlimited, as the users would be unlimited?

Leon – All the in-game assets are owned by the players in the form of NFTs. In our case, this means that there will be a fixed supply of them and this supply will be based on the player base. Meaning certain rarities can only be owned by a certain % of players, to keep them “rare”.

The supply will be managed algorithmically based on the amount of players, so that when people earn tokens in-game they cannot always acquire the best items, as they might be sold out or only available second-hand on our marketplace.

Dominic – However, we also have a free-to-earn model, which means that users can play without having to own any assets.

Q – Do we have a list of the rooms rarities. Also what unique features does each rarity have?

Leon – Bit Hotel

Here are some of the rooms that will be on sale in January. We have six rarities in the Bit Hotel metaverse! Common – Epic.

You can find how this works here and purchase a few, as there are still a few characters in this case, on sale.

Every assets class and rarity has its own perks and utilities. Characters give earning bonuses, the land gives staking multipliers (and a whole lot more) and furniture allows you to make more income with your land.

In-game tokens are mostly earned by competing in the mini-games arena!

Ani – And everything needs to be done with BTH Token right?

Leon – Yes all marketplace transactions, INOs and such will be in BTH.

Q – I would love to understand how the economy works. I as a user have an NFT Character, got BTH from IDO, and then purchased a room. How can I participate in the Play-to-Earn?

Leon – As an interlude, peeps should definitely check out our community channel if you have any questions or would like to partner up. Also, definitely check out the live NFT drop and get one before it’s too late.

Dominic – So, the Play-to-earn model entails players battling each other in all sorts of mini-games within Bit Hotel. There will be different mini-games on rotation. The winner of a mini-game wins Bit Hotel tokens that are redeemable for all kinds of different NFTs (similar to Axie Infinity’s SLP token!).

In addition, there will also be a leaderboard tracking the top players in the game. These players will be rewarded at the end of the leaderboard term with rare NFTs and token rewards. Lastly, by hosting and joining in-game events players can get access to custom NFTs as well as tokens.

Lastly, an interesting aspect of the game is the possibility of having in-game relationships: this allows to merge your NFT character with people in your network, creating a higher rarity NFT.

More Features and Future Plans
Q – How do you plan to capture the market share from early players which are ahead in development such as Bloktopia or Star Atlas?

Dominic – Metaverse is still in its early stage, we are just scratching the surface, meaning that there is enough market share to capture. Moreover, we are offering unique features that set us apart from other players.

Leon – Yeah so a lot of cool stuff on the agenda.

Q – When can we expect the game to release or a testnet to be available for the community to play and experience the game?

Dominic – So the game is expected to be released in Q2 of 2022, while a beta version will already be available in Q1. Check our whitepaper for more detailed info.

Leon –

  • Next to that monthly NFT pre-sales!
  • CEX listings!
  • And community showcases!

So keep an eye on the on-site shop!

Q – You are going to launch your IDO soon. Please tell us how we can join and purchase the token.

Dominic – The next IDOs will be on Seedify and Trustpad on the 22nd of December, check their websites for the requirements. And on the 23rd we have our TGE on Pancakeswap.

We already had 6 IDOs this month which all sold out in minutes, so be quick and fill up those bags!

Segment 3: Community Questions and Answers

From this segment, the five winners were rewarded with USDT200 and one uncommon NFT among them.

Q.Twitter – $BTH is Game Token in Bit Hotel. How much $BTH can I earn playing? Is there a limit to earning? Can you explain the various ways to earn $BTH? Are there any other options or other sources where we can get $BTH or just NFT?

Dominic – First of all, it’s important to mention that we will be using a two token system. $BTH will be used for staking and on-platform trading. The in-game token $BHOTEL can be earned by playing and will be redeemable for NFT’s as well as grant you access to events and other in-game activities. We will also be holding monthly NFT drops.

These will be held on an array of platforms, including the Bit Hotel Marketplace, you will need $BUSD/$BTH to purchase our tradeable and playable NFT assets. The amount of $BHOTEL tokens that can be earned depends on the NFT owned and the time spent playing.

Q.Twitter – Is the game development team-oriented to apply the actual map to the game’s 2D environment? I would be excited to think about turning my bedroom into a territory in the game. Is it impossible to synchronize the game world and the real world?

Leon – Yes, there are maps in development. With floors divided up into floorplans and each square on the map being one of the rooms (of a certain rarity).

Your room will certainly be a territory that you have ownership over and can do fun things in, invite friends over, do mini-games and rent out for instance

Bit Hotel

There will be numerous floors, some more pricey and exclusive than others. I mean you need to at least see your Lambo parked in front right?

By the way guys, for pre-sale details and marketing proposals please join here.

Q.Telegram – Bit Hotel is hoping that the game will become much bigger. How can you anticipate that there will be high demand and low supply? What are the strategies to maintain the balance between supply and demand? Will it be 100% profitable to sell or airdrop to existing owners?

Dominic – Good question. This is based on many factors. Given the scarcity of the NFTs and the perks that come with them, we believe that we can create value for us and for the early adopters. In addition, our play-to-earn model makes it attractive for everyone to play, not to mention the unique functionalities, which makes Bit Hotel more than just a game. Lastly, our tokenomics will ensure healthy and stable growth. We’re in it for the long run.

Q.Telegram – Can I create my own mini-games for my room using some tools of Bit Hotel and invite people to play it with me?

Dominic – Nice question! Yes, it will be possible to select which mini-games to host in the private rooms. And we will also introduce our governance token which will allow users to vote on which mini-games to implement, and much more.

Q.Telegram – How do you plan to spread awareness about your project in different countries where English is not good? Do you have local communities like Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Korea so they can better understand your project?

As you can see in this link, we are already building non-English telegram communities.

In addition to that, we have regional channels in our Discord, in which non-English speaking people can discuss our project. Make sure to join so that you won’t miss any potential giveaway/whitelist.

The Altcoin Buzz community gratefully thanks Leon Lanen, Bengt B, and Dominic C for participating in the Bit Hotel AMA session on December 17th on our Telegram channel.

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