TomoChain Review

The entire blockchain and cryptocurrency space have experienced exponential growth in 2021. Especially, 2021 was a genuinely innovative year for TomoChain (TOMO)

Therefore, this article covers some of the major updates and events on TomoChain (TOMO) in 2021. And what community members, enthusiasts, and the entire crypto space should expect in the year 2022.

TomoChain – Three Years Down The Line

TomoChain mainnet first went live in December 2018, where the initial mainnet had only five full nodes. Remarkably, the nodes grew from 5 to 100 full nodes within two weeks of the mainnet launch. Interestingly, this was when the crypto space was relatively small. That is, about one-tenth of the crypto community today.

In October 2019, TomoChain underwent a second hard fork, resulting in its mainnet 2.0. This mainnet launch was followed by the Excalibur hard fork in April 2020. This hard fork introduced the PosV consensus mechanism and the development of TomoX. Since then, the core client has gone through 13 updates. The network has also been operating with no interruption since then. This is a remarkable feat and a pointer to the efficacy of TomoChain’s core team.

As a result, as TomoChain celebrates its third year, the scalable blockchain has also disclosed plans to revamp its governance protocol. Plans are in place to incorporate the TomoMasterDAO governance structure in the future.

2021 Overview

This year has been an eventful one for Tomochain with 16 new strategic partnerships, new features, upgrades, extensions, etc. Some of TomoChain’s partnerships this year include:

  • A recent strategic alliance with DoragonLand to deepen the interaction between Gaming and the crypto space
  • Partnership with Dragon Kart
  • Bonded Finance partnership
  • TomoChain and Vietnam to secure educational credentials
  • TomoChain strategic partnership with API3 to facilitate the integration of Web 3.0

Also, TomoChain recorded the launch of new extensions like LuaStarter and TomoMasterDAO. Moreover, new features and upgrades were introduced on essential aspects of the TomoChain ecosystem like Tomoscan, TomoIssuer, TomoBridge, etc.

2022 – In view

According to an official blog post, TomoChain will introduce a new governance structure in 2022. The system will see the introduction of the TomoMasterDAO into critical areas of the TomoChain ecosystem.

Also, TomoMasterDAO is expected to facilitate complete decentralization, possible with the TomoMasterDAO infrastructure. This infrastructure will see the governance shift to a non-profit body such as Masternode Council.

In Summary, TomoMasterDAO will be in charge of the TomoChain ecosystem over time. TomoChain Lab, on the other hand, will focus more on developing the core of TomoChain’s client and maintaining TomoChain’s Github public repositories. The Lab will also continue to create other vital projects like TomoChain Block explorer, TomoScan, LuaSwap, LuaStarter, TomoBridge, etc.

Also, In 2022, TomoChain (TOMO) will essentially be guided by the motto “By the community, for the community.”

TomoChain (TOMO) Price

At the time of writing, TOMO was trading at $1.91 with a market cap of $163.5 million and a 24-hour trading volume of $1,9 million. The token price is also down by 3.5% in the last 24 hours.

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