If you are considering a blockchain-related career, now is the time to act. According to a report by BusinessStudent there is a growing demand for professionals specializing in the blockchain technologies.

The report highlights that 1,520 blockchain startup companies are already looking for new workers in the area with tech titans like IBM and Microsoft exhibiting similar interest.

Given that blockchain technologies are capable of reducing operational costs, enhancing the speed of transactions, and excluding third-parties from the financial transactions’ scene, the report expects that demand will continue to rise. Consequently, there are six main professions to look out for.

For instance, BusinessStudent believes that soon there will be a need for blockchain project managers because “companies need to communicate what they want to a blockchain development firm that can meet their complex business needs.” They will be expected to manage, optimize and supervise projects, while securing that companies are on the same page with blockchain developers who use highly technical jargon.

Blockchain developer is another specialist that will have robust career opportunities when taking charge of optimizing businesses by developing relevant programs and platforms. For this, they need to master Microsoft SQL Server, Visual Studio, .NET, MVC, AJAX, SQL, C, C++, C#, Javascript, Node.js, JQuery, SOAP, REST, FTP, HTML, XML, XSLT, XCOD, Neural-networks, Regression, Agile Scrum, and MYSQL, the report said.

Then, BusinessStudent predicts that companies will need more blockchain quality engineers who will head and monitor how automation frameworks and tests, manual testing, and dashboards function. For that, BusinessStudent highly recommends to consider an Engineering management MBA degree or at the very least a Master’s level.

The report also emphasizes that there is a growing number of clients seeking advice about how to structure and govern ICOs and hence there will soon be a need for legal consultants/attorneys specializing in the blockchain-related issues.

A blockchain designer, however, will mostly be preoccupied with creating user-friendly sites and providing information on blockchain. BusinessStudent draws an example of an UI’s job posting that was looking for a communicative professional who could create a UI design with Sketch, PS, and Figma that would work in both mobile and web applications.

Finally, there will be a demand for blockchain engineers. According to BusinessStudent, TechCrunch stated this year there were 14 jobs for every one blockchain developer or engineer who are mainly responsible for creating and implementing digital solutions for companies that are using blockchain technologies. These specialists should know how to work in Java, Hyperledger Fabric, Ripple, Solidity, Python, Bitcoin, Oracle Identity, and access management solutions, the report said.

At the same time, BusinessStudent draws real-life examples of potential blockchain jobs. For instance, in Dubai, which wants to be the first state that is powered by blockchain and will be looking for blockchain specialists in various areas, including shipping and business registration.

Previously Bloomberg also stated that 2018 will be a year of hiring more blockchain talents: “The number of job postings on LinkedIn related to blockchain, cryptocurrency, and bitcoin increased at least fourfold in 2017, according to data provided to Bloomberg Law.”

To search for blockchain-related careers on the market check out https://www.blockchain.com/careers/

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