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Altcoin Buzz places a spotlight with interviews of top Developers, CEO’s, Influencers and upcoming Bill Gates and Steve Jobs or Erlich Bachman’s of the Crypto & Blockchain Space.


“Don’t Expect Libra Anytime Soon,” Brad Garlinghouse

CEO of Ripple, Brad Garlinghouse became the latest to voice concerns about Facebook's cryptocurrency plans. Speaking to Fortune’s Balancing the Ledger, Garlinghouse admitted that Facebook...
Apple CEO no plan to launch crypto says tim cook

Apple CEO: Government Should Be in Charge of Currencies

Tim Cook, CEO of tech giant Apple, has announced that the company will not be launching its own digital currency. According to reports, Cook...
Electroneum CEO is sharing the plans for the future

Electroneum CEO: “Don’t Fight Over Bread Crumbs.”

Electroneum has been expanding at lightning speed. In a new interview, Richard Ells, the company's CEO, elucidated the reasons behind ETN's success. And discussed...

Mark Cuban Trolls Bitcoin Again

Popular tech billionaire Mark Cuban is at it again. This time the Shark Tank's personality is comparing bitcoin to bananas and baseball cards. In a...
Ripple comments on Libra

Ripple VP Identifies Libra’s Major Problem

Facebook's Libra is one controversial project. Now, its Ripple's turn to criticize it.  Ripple VP Marcus Treacher expressed his opinion about the most debatable project...

SWIFT Chairman Hails Prospects of Crypto Assets

Speaking at the Sibos 2019 conference, SWIFT Chairman, Yawar Shah highlighted the potentials of changes happening in the financial industry. Crypto assets are in the...

Bakkt Is Here. First Reactions Are Pouring In

Bakkt, the long-anticipated platform, has finally launched. The community and the market have already responded. In today's tweet, Bakkt was happy to state that the...
arthur hayes offends craig wright

Hayes Has Accidentally Offended Craig Wright

CEO of BitMex, Arthur Hayes, has discussed the future of cryptocurrencies. While at it, he made an utterance that Craig Wright would definitely disagree...
ICOBox's Nikolay Evdokimov is a real trickster

Exclusive: Who’s the Fraud Behind ICOBox Exposed by SEC?

In the crypto-verse, fraud seems almost like a must. That said, it shouldn't come as a surprise that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission...
Latest on XRP: CNN Interviews CEO Brad Garlinghouse

Latest on XRP: CNN Interviews CEO Brad Garlinghouse

Chief Executive Officer of Ripple, Brad Garlinghouse spoke to CNN Network’s Julia Chatterley during her TV program, Crypto Crazy. He spoke about the price...

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