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Welcome to the Business Partnerships section. Here you will find out all you need about the latest and most important business partnerships amongst blockchain companies and collaborations between real-world businesses and cryptocurrency entities from around the world.


Binance to buy CoinMarketCap

Binance to Buy CoinMarketCap or Early April Fools Prank?

CoinMarketCap (CMC), the popular cryptocurrency market cap rankings website is on the verge of a landmark takeover bid by Binance. It is the bidder...
KuCoin Launches Project Pinocchio

KuCoin Launches Project Pinocchio

The crypto and blockchain space has attracted a lot of nefarious individuals, with hacking and malware attacks exposing its vulnerability. With this in mind, KuCoin...
Liquid Network Adds New Members

Liquid Network Adds New Members

Liquid Network, a sidechain-based settlement network for traders and exchanges, has announced the addition of ten new members to its initiative. Blockstream, of which Liquid...

Cosmostation, Band Protocol Tie Up

Enterprise-level validator of node infrastructure and user application provider, Cosmostation, has announced a strategic partnership with leading decentralized Oracle network, Band Protocol. Cosmostation made the...
Akoin, UNL Partnership for Digital Africa

Akoin, UNL Partnership for Digital Africa

Akoin, which is an emerging cryptocurrency and DApp ecosystem, has entered into a strategic alliance with the universal smart addressing platform for navigation and...
EOS New York Acquisition by Block.one

EOS New York Acquisition by Block.one

EOS parent firm, Block.one, has announced the acquisition of EOS New York core developers. The merger has resulted in the shutting down of their...
kava employs chainlink

Kava Employs Chainlink Oracle Solution

Kava has announced entering into a strategic alliance with the decentralized Oracle solution provider, Chainlink, to bolster its DeFi platform. Chainlink is going to serve...
brave partners with binance

Brave Partners with Binance

Binance crypto exchange has announced a strategic partnership with the privacy-focused Brave browser. According to an official blog post by the browser, the alliance is...
Chainlink Partners with Solana

Chainlink Partners with Solana

Popular Oracle platform, Chainlink, is set to bring top-speed and high-quality data to blockchain firm, Solana. According to its Medium blog post, the blockchain...
Paxful Chainalysis partnership

Paxful, Chainalysis Enter Partnership

Peer-to-peer (P2P) exchange, Paxful, has announced a partnership with blockchain analysis company, Chainalysis, to enhance security on its platform. Paxful disclosed the news about the...

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