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Welcome to the Business Partnerships section. Here you will find out all you need about the latest and most important business partnerships amongst blockchain companies and collaborations between real-world businesses and cryptocurrency entities from around the world.


Will New TomoChain (TOMO) Partnership Boost Blockchain Gaming?

Will New TomoChain (TOMO) Partnership Boost Blockchain Gaming?

The month of October has been an exciting one for TomoChain. The proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain technology platform also recently announced a strategic partnership with...
CryptoXpress App, the Bridge Between the Banking and Crypto Worlds.

CryptoXpress App, the Bridge Between the Banking and Crypto Worlds

The world's largest asset managers are starting to add crypto to their balance sheets. Therefore, early crypto adopters are beginning to do it massively....
Binstarter insurance mechanism

Binstarter, a Decentralized Anti-Fraud Insurance Protocol.

Binstarter is an insured multi-chain IDO launchpad that allows crypto projects to boost visibility to increase liquidity cost-effectively. In this article, you will discover...
Linear Finance

Linear Finance ($LINA) Community-Controlled Governance Model

Decentralized delta-one asset protocol Linear Finance has been putting finishing touches on its governance model over the last couple of weeks. Linear Finance ($LINA) released...

KAVA Protocol – Expanding The Boundary Of DeFi

Kava is a cross-chain DeFi platform that offers an integrated ecosystem of stablecoin minting. It collateralized loan service on various crypto assets, including $BTCB,...
Jet Protocol

Two Reasons Why $JET Will Be the Solana’s Next Hidden Gem

Every blockchain that wants to utilize its tokens inside its ecosystem fully needs a borrowing/lending protocol. Ethereum has MasterDAO. Which protocol can be the...

YouClout Launches its TikTok-style NFT Marketplace

Since the creation of social networks, influencers have had to use different platforms to massify their content. As a result, they had to spend...
TomoMaster DAO IDO

TomoChain Lab to Launch TomoMasterDAO, With IDO Plans

On October 5th, TomoChain Lab is launching TomoMasterDAO, the governance platform of TomoChain. It provides funding for projects that are built on TomoChain blockchain...
Fantom Opensea partnership

OpenOcean-Fantom Paternership | Optimized Trading Options and Prices

OpenOcean, a renowned DEX and CEX aggregator, has partnered with Fantom. Accordingly, OpenOcean will aggregate Fantom's DEXs SpookySwap, Curve, SushiSwap, and SpiritSwap. According to the...
Bloktopia IDO launch

Everything about Bloktopia, a 21-Floor Decentralized Metaverse.

According to Coingecko, the metaverse sector is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the entire crypto ecosystem, with a market cap of over USD...