NFT News June week 4

NFT News | Stagnant Volume, Persistent Traders | June Week 4

Amidst a major market event, quarterly Bitcoin and Ethereum options expire on June 30th. Carrying a combined notional value of $7 billion. The staggering...
acrocalypse nft collection review

Acrocalypse NFT Collection Review

The NFT collection Acrocalypse features 10,420 pixelated, space-racing crocodiles that evolved into warriors. You can think of these NFTs as a PFP collection. But...
goblin nft

Goblintown NFT Collection Review

At first glance, the Globintown NFT collection stands out as an odd and peculiar NFT collection. With art reminiscent of the book and British...
NFT News | NFT waiting to explode? | June Week 3

NFT News | NFT waiting to explode? | June Week 3

This week's NFT market outlook brings a notable shift in the prices of Bitcoin and Ethereum. Bitcoin has shown a positive trend compared to...
abracadabra NFT collection review

NFT Collection Review on ABC – Abracadabra

There is an NFT project on the Solana blockchain that stands out amongst all others. Its unique art often throughs speculators and collectors. This...
NFT news june week 2

NFT News | Ethereum Holding Up Well | June Week 2

The second week of June sees fluctuating NFT trade in the market. Amid the ups and downs, the market is open to new trends...
x2y2 nft marketplace

Beginner’s Guide about X2Y2 – Part 2

This is Part 2 of our Beginner's guide to X2Y2. Here's a link to Part 1. In Part 1 we covered 4 popular questions...
NFT news May week 1

NFT News | NFT Volume Cooling Off | June Week 1

The first week of June saw a decline in Bitcoin prices by 1.78%, with a low of $26,472 being reached. The decrease was ascribed...
UNLOCKING Billion Dollar NFT Utilities

UNLOCKING Billion Dollar NFT Utilities | IQ Protocol by Parsiq

Wrapped BTC. Wrapped ETH. The wrapping of these 2 tokens unlocked a ton of utility in many markets, especially DeFi. Now wrapping tokens has...
NFT news

NFT News | Bitcoin NFTs are Adding Volume | May Week 4

From a macro perspective concerns over the US debt ceiling caused a slight decline in the value of cryptocurrencies in the fourth week of...