Mines of Dalarnia Review

Mines of Dalarnia: P2E Game Review

Play-to-earn (P2E) games are boosting their growth since the apparition of Axie Infinity. If you want to be an early adopter of the following...

Feature NFT Collection: Cryptoadz by GREMPLIN

Cryptoadz by GREMPLIN is one of the most popular blue-chip collections right now. Minting 6969 Toadz on September 8th for Ξ0.069, Cryptoadz by GREMPLIN...

4 Upcoming Mint White-Lists NFTs to Buy

Here are four minutes NFTs for the upcoming few weeks to keep your eyes on! These are early projects with little information so far....
NFT cool cats

Feature NFT Collection: Cool Cats

Genre: pfp Cool Cats are a collection of randomly generated pfp NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Cool Cats are a part of what the community...
GoblinLab NFT

This is the One of the Rarest NFT Collection in the Ecosystem

Many NFT collections are coming almost every day that are having colossal exposition and success. Therefore, take a look at one of the rarest...

Feature NFT Collection: Mutant Cats and DAO Controversy

NFT Dao Projects Like Mutant Cats Are on the Rise. But What Are They? Genre:DAO Mutant Cats have described themselves as the first DAO that buys...
New NFT Mint Projects Week of 10/23

5 Upcoming NFT Mints of the Week- 10/23

Starting with The Tower, minting tomorrow, here are 5 projects dropping this week to keep your eyes on and invest in if they interest...
Mythic Galaxy Fighter NFT

Galaxy Fight Club: Super Smash Bros. of Gamefi

One of the Most Exciting P2E Projects Is Getting Ready for Release This November. Meet Galaxy Fight Club Genre: GameFi Galaxy Fight Club (GFC) describes itself...
DeFi and NFT projects

Top 4 DeFi and NFT projects | October 2021

DeFi and NFT projects are launched practically every day, resulting in exceptional revenues. That's why in this article, we want to show you the...